Flash and Animation @ BellaOnline http://www.bellaonline.com/Site/flash Learn how to create motion graphics for video marketing and other animation projects. en-us Copyright 2014 BellaOnline.com All Rights Reserved. Tue, 29 Jul 2014 07:01:37 EST 240 http://www.bellaonline.com/images/logo.jpg Flash and Animation @ BellaOnline http://flash.bellaonline.com Drop Zones and Transitions in Motion 5 http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art183774.asp In the last Motion tutorial, we created the first two Drop Zones for our craft trailer template. The Drop Zones were placeholders for the background image and the intro clip. In this tutorial, we will add a transition to the end of the Drop Zone for the intro clip. Mon, 21 Jul 2014 23:00:00 EST Craft Product Template - Background Layer http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art183764.asp Now that we have the Layers pane hierarchy for our template planned out, we can begin to build the template from scratch. In the last few tutorials for this project, we will do just that. Mon, 14 Jul 2014 23:00:00 EST Craft Product Template Layers http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art183682.asp Now that we have finished the preflight decisions made for our Motion craft template, we need to decide how we will use the Layers pane to organize our video project. Naming and organizing the layers is important. Mon, 7 Jul 2014 23:00:00 EST