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Guided Imagery for Breast Cancer
Touted by some as a panacea and condemned by others as a hoax, guided imagery is a complimentary therapy that many of us wonder about. How do you do it? Does it really work? Is it dangerous, and are there any side effects?

Healthy Choices Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
Breast cancer survivors know that being proactive is the key ingredient to feeling empowered. Here are some easy ways to take charge of your diet and lifestyle to reduce the risk of breast cancer for you and your loved ones.

How Do I Tell My Kids I Have Breast Cancer?
One of the hardest things in the world is telling your children you've been diagnosed with breast cancer. Here are some thoughts to help you answer the question, “How Do I Tell My Kids I Have Breast Cancer?"

Identification of New Breast Cancer Genes
Scientists at the British Columbia Cancer Agency and University of British Columbia have identified new breast cancer genes. This is a discovery that may change the way breast cancer is diagnosed, as well the way it is treated.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Inflammatory breast cancer ("IBC") is an aggressive form of breast cancer, and the symptoms are different than the lump or abnormal mammogram results that most of us are familiar with. Find out what to look for.

Is DCIS Breast Cancer?
What is DCIS? Is it really breast cancer? Do I need treatment?

Lack Of Sleep And Aggressive Breast Cancers
Can lack of sleep lead to more aggressive breast cancers and a higher incidence of breast cancer recurrence? Read about a fascinating study that suggests it can.

Local Recurrence of Breast Cancer
In this article, we'll look at some of the common symptoms of a local breast cancer recurrence and talk about what to do next.

Male Breast Cancer
Truly a silent killer, male breast cancer strikes more men than we realize. Why not think outside the (pink) box, and learn all we can about the world of breast cancer that doesn't get so much publicity.

Medical Leave for Breast Cancer Patients
No matter what course your breast cancer treatment takes, there is a good chance you will be taking time off work. Not only are finances a concern, but job security and discrimination are issues that many of us have to contend with.

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