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Jack and Jill and Big Dog Bill – Book Review
A Step into Reading Phonics “ready to read” Level 1 book about a boy, girl and a dog outside in the snow.

Jimmy on Ice – Book Review
What will Jimmy Neutron think of next? A wonderful idea to beat the heat, but when he launches a 900SPF sunblok to the son, a new ice age starts.

Johnny Appleseed – Book Review
A sweet retelling of the favorite story of the young boy who planted apple trees across America.This book is beautifully illustrated and tells the story of Johnny Appleseed and how as just a young boy he loved the outdoors and grew into a legendary many by planting apple trees all across America.

Josefina Story Quilt – Book Review
On a wagon heading west Faith wants to bring her pet hen, Josefina. Pa says NO- “She’s too old to lay eggs, and too tough to eat.” None of the neighbors want Josefina, what will happen to her if they leave her behind?

Judy Moody - Goes to College
Judy Moody Goes to College Book #8 in the Judy Moody series. Third grader Judy Moody has some college adventures.

Jungle Tales - Book Review
Although this book was originally written and published in 1918 by Horacio Quiroga (1878-1937), this edition of the book was translated to English by Jeff Zorrilla.

Just Like Me, Climbing a Tree - Book Review
Join in on a trip around the world to climb the weirdest and most wonderful trees. It doesn’t matter if you are in Africa, America, Europe or Asia, the trees of the world offer wonderful adventures.

Juvenile Detective, Espionage & Mystery Books
Juvenile Detective, Espionage and Mystery Books are so riveting, kids do not want to stop reading. A list to get the young detective, boy and girl, searching for clues.

Keri is Cute Cute Cute - Book Review
Keri is constantly being told how cute she is and she believes everyone. She is cute! But, she wants to feel like she has more value.

Kindle Paperwhite
A few years ago I would have said that to buy a kindle for a child was a waste of money and a bad idea. I have changed my mind after doing some personal research.

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