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Scoop Saves the Day – Book Review
It’s a wild, windy and story night. There is lightning and thunder and rain pouring down all over town. Bob knows that when they storm stops there will be lots of damage to clean up.

Silly Celebrations - Book Review
Activities for the strangest holidays you've never heard of! Get ready for a year of funny fun. Plan ahead and enjoy celebrating some crazy events.

Sleepy Dog – Book Review
Little Dog is very sleepy so he crawls into bed with his cat on his covers. Mother Dog comes to give him a kiss good night.

Sly the Sleuth - Mystery Series
Sly the Sleuth Mystery series are early chapter books. The young girl helps to solve mysteries involving her neighbors and friends. These are enjoyable for ages four to eight but can be read and enjoyed by others as well.

Smoke Jumpers - Book Review
What does a smoke jumper do? Where do they work? How do they do it? Smoke jumpers work together as a team to fight forest fires.

Snowflake Books
Is it snowing? Do you want to play in the snow and see the snowflakes as they fall? Can you see the beauty of each different flake? Learn about snowflakes.

Snowflakes in Winter
Snowflake books are amazing. Did you know that no two snowflakes are alike? Did you know that someone took a photography of an actual snowflake? You can learn and enjoy!

Solving the Mysteries of Stonehenge - Review
Stonehenge is a great stone circle in Southwestern England. It is one of the most famous ancient monuments and also one of the most mysterious.

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch – Book Review
Mr. Hatch is a quiet man who doesn’t smile. He works in a shoelace factory and eats his lunch all alone. Do you know someone who feels all alone?

Spot - Popular Titles and Books
The golden puppy with the large brown spots is so adorable that kids want to hug him. The Spot popular titles and books are for children five-years-old and younger.

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