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What do Struggles Reveal?
Whatever we experience in the physical it is just a matter of time before a more significant understanding is revealed. Struggling in any situation is merely a success story in the making...

Working with Clairvoyance
Do you ever get a feeling that just can't be explained away? Everyone has psychic abilities. When we first experience them, we may wonder whether or not what we are experiencing is real.

Working with Crystal and Indigo Children
Along with their purpose in being here (primarily making a difference on this planet)Crystal and Indigo children can reflect notable spiritual and emotional needs braving their mission in the world we live.

Working with Crystal and Indigo Children II
Crystal and Indigo children are going to have personal transitions of their own they will need help adjusting to.

Working with Destiny
Do you believe in destiny? Do you ever wonder whether or not a choice you’ve made has taken you further away from where you were meant to be?

Working with Guides and Angels
More people in todays world believe in spiritual guides and angels than ever before. Developing a working relationship with our own guides, is not only a possibility, but essential in our daily lives.

Working with Psychic Information
How can we tell whether psychic information isn´t really our own thoughts and imagination?

Working With the Sixth Sense
Random coincedence is one thing but when our experiences begin revealing more than what we are comfortable with, it can be difficult fitting that aspect of our lives into the world we know.

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