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Avoiding Negative Influences
To view each day as the next is human, but as days and even people go for that matter, no two are ever alike!

Balancing Earth Angel Stages
Although initially, Earth Angels may recognize their being different early on, their mission and finding peace within it tends to come in stages. You're not crazy and there are ways to keep your balance!

Beating the Odds
Have you ever wondered how one person seems to have all of the luck in the world while others seem to struggle day to day? Is it really just a matter of attitude that sets these two worlds apart or could it be something more?

Big Tips in Little Changes
There is no better time for life changing events than for what may be waiting right around the corner. Change can greatly increase the benefits of transition as well as the kind of experience we do have.

Bond With Your Baby Before Birth Book Review
Have you wondered what your baby is thinking? Do you have dreams regarding the gender of your unborn baby or date of birth? "Bond With Your Baby Before Birth" is a delight to read with techniques to begin the delicate process of chanelling between you and the spirit of your future child!

By the River and Through the Fog in 2005 We Go
So, we┬┤re at the starting line of what is called our new year. Just what do we have to offer for upcomming events and how can we achieve the most of what is presented.

Changing Perceptions
You never know when that one little thing you may do differently can end up being the one thing that changes your life forever!

Changing Your Destiny
Have you ever wondered whether a premonition or reading could be changed? For better or worse, the odds are they can!

Children and Clairvoyance
More and more children these days are demonstrating psychic abilities. Who are these mystical beings and why are they chosing to work with us now?

Children and Past Lives
Have we lived before? Will we live again? Children's experiences, dreams and sensations such as Deja vue can offer us just the glimpse we need to answer some of our deepest questions.

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