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Earth Angels, Life Purpose and Guilt
As an Earth Angel do you often feel as if your life purpose, though dedicated to the life your living, is somehow bigger than what you are currently doing?

Earth Angels, NDE's and Earthly Loneliness
In a world full of people do you still find yourself overcome with sensations of fear and loneliness? Have you had experiences that leave you wondering if it's you that's crazy or whether there's something more?

Earthly Success and the Earth Angel
For the Earth Angel, love is all there is. It is the name in which all is carried out. The Earth Angel, if they're not careful can also slip inot a mode of sacrifice than can be difficult to escape. But, with a little redirecting any Earth Angel can create the life they dream!

Finding answers to help move us from painful situations to healing can lay in something a simple as the echo. Forgiveness can be one of the best places to start in beginning the journey.

Election and Change
Whether we can see it or not, change is a constant. Even in the tiniest of elements change is the pulse of the universe. As we enter into a new era of presidential candidate, attitude and the best foot forward can move mountains.

Emotions and The Holiday Season
Do family gatherings and holidays send you running for cover? Some pre-season planning can make any season one well worth the memories.

Empowering Your Personal Psychic Abilities
Are you ready to investigate your own psychic abilities? Have you ever wondered if there is more to our current reality? Meditation and perception are two very good places to start.

Energy Work and New Year Resolutions
If you're feeling a good deal of energy, but frustrated where to put it, Energy Work can be the go between, what you're feeling and where it is you need to be.

Enhancing Psychic Abilities
Enhansing psychic abilities does not have to be complicated or expensive. Starting with just a few simple techniques around the home can put us in a position to naturally enhance our abilities while applying new found insight into our lives.

Enhancing Your Clairvoyant Abilities
Clairvoyance is as close as your back door. Balance yourself, intune yourself, plant an herb garden this winter, honor yourself and your position in life, find out more of what and who you are, balance is essential......

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