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Ancestry Journaling Prompts
REMEMBER: Your story tells who you are, what you believed and how you lived your life. Your story is precious.

'Group Journals' Used To Destroy Count Dracula!
I have been reading the classic ‘Dracula’ and have been surprised how good this book is! It is written from the journals of those being written about. Each time a new person appeared you would see a line ‘FROM MENA HARKINS JOURNAL’ and read from her perspective.

10 'Keeps' For Journaling
If you do these ‘keeps’ your journaling will become more than a habit, it will be a blessing.

100 Journal Sites To See
Many still write out their journaling thoughts, but many have moved to the Internet or mobile device for their journaling needs. The links listed are for those who have migrated to the Internet.

12 Days of Christmas Journaling Prompts
Have you ever considered writing about Christmas as a journal topic? It is a new idea to me. I began to formulate some prompts for the holiday using the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ theme and found that it was very enriching.

12 Questions To Ask
There are 12 basic questions one should ask a person who journals regularly. These questions will help those wanting to begin. When one is new to journaling there are many thoughts and processes to consider

A 'Firsts' Journals
There are so many things we can journal about, but ‘firsts’ should be right up there with waking up. Soon you will realize that each day is a new ‘first’ if we would only let it be.

A Prayer Journaling
Writing your prayers to help keep your train of thought. How to defeat the enemy in one area of your spiritual journey.

Academic Journals
So what is an academic journal? Simply put, it is a journal essay where your focus is to share information with a large community of professionals in a specific field. Your journal, therefore, must contain relevant information to a particular field or discipline.

Anne Frank ~ A Book Review
Anne belived her words would be of no intersted to anyone! How wrong she was. She put it like this: “Not only because I’ve never written anything before, but also because it seems to me that later on neither I nor anyone else will be interested in the musings of a thirteen-year-old schoolgirl.”

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