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April 'FUN' Journaliig Prompts ~ 16-30
These are 'FUN' journaling prompts for you.

April 'FUN' Journaling Prompts ~ 1-15
Here are some 'FUN' journaling prompts for you.

April 1-15 ~ Tax Time Prompts
This past week I was thinking about taxes. Taxes bring out the best and worst parts of us. No other time of the year are we more challenged than now. So I decided to write down some journaling ideas for tax time.

Audience & Purpose in Your Journaling
No audience = Lack of purpose ~ Lack of purpose = No focus. No focus = An audience of one.

Beginning Anew
Making New Years resolutions is pointless if they are random phrases. Those who journal have the best advantage at keeping New Years resolutions, providing they begin 2012 correctly.

Best of Covered Wagon Women ~ A Book Review
Eight firsthand accounts of women who braved the overland trails during the great 19th-century westward migration are collected here. The accounts were selected for the power with which they portray the hardship, adventure, and family and friendship bonds that characterized the overland experience.

Book Report Journals
Book Report Journaling became my newest project. My daughter and I read constantly. We share our passion with my daughter’s mother in law, her friend and my sister. We began journaling about the characters, story plot and found great insights to our views and world.

Books I've Read Journal
I stumbled across Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, OR. Powell’s is a full city block 3 story bookstore with every imaginable type of book. It was incredible!

Calendar Journals
A calendar journal is an unique project that makes a great gift for your special friend or a friend having trouble beginning to journal.

Covered Wagon Women ~ A Book Review
A collection of the best diaries and letters written by women on the overland trails in the mid-to-late 19th century. There are eleven selections drawn from the Covered Wagon Women series. These accounts are penned by women whose ages ranged from 12 to 18 years.

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