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Journaling Colors
Spring brings so many vibrant colors into the world once again. Color is everywhere in spring and they seem new and fresh. Colors we are drawn to express our deepest emotions without saying a word. Over the next few weeks we will explore colors, their definitions and how they speak without words.

Journaling Memories of the Heart
‘Memories of the Heart’ seem to relay the meaning of the past, long ago and forgotten events of our life. We would like to forget when a loved one died and only remember their life, we would like to forget pain of a lost love, a lost job, a bad decision, but we cannot forget.

Journaling Promises
Journaling promises great changes in a persons life. Journaling promises to relieve stress. Journaling promises to be an unbiased sounding board. Journaling promises to remind us not to make the same mistakes. Right?

Journaling Techniques Revisited
There are numerous writing techniques. These techniques are different than the style I was talking about earlier. Writing techniques are varying ways to record the body of your journal and each serve different purposes.

Journaling the Christmas Holiday
Juournaling Christmas is more than just remembering Christmas day.

Journaling Tool ~ Circumstantial
This week we will deal with the Circumstantial tools of journaling.

Journaling Tools ~ Emotional
This week we will focus on the Emotional tools for journaling from a spiritual sense.

Journaling Tools ~ Physical
When we hear the word ‘tools’ we think of physical instruments needed to complete a task. If you are building a house one of the tools you need is a hammer, right? However, there are many different types of tools besides the ‘physical' ones. Let's explore journaling tools together.

Journaling With Your Kids This Summer
To motivate children to journal they need to see journaling as fun and beneficial. This summer would be a perfect time to be creative. Journaling does not always have to be writing

Journals Book Club ~ April
Welcome to the Journals Book Club for the month of April. Our reading this month will take us to two journal style books.

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