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OneNote Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting Notes
Learn the basic keyboard shortcuts for taking and formatting notes in Microsoft OneNote 2010. Keyboard shortcuts are great for quickly formatting, moving and organizing content within OneNote.

OneNote Keyboard Shortcuts for Working with Pages
Learn the basic keyboard shortcuts for working with pages in Microsoft OneNote 2010. Keyboard shortcuts are great for quickly formatting, navigating and organizing pages within an OneNote notebook.

OneNote Series Overview
Microsoft OneNote is a great program for keeping your thoughts, ideas, files and much more organized. Come learn about the various functions and features that make Microsoft OneNote fantastic organizational program.

Organize iPad Apps and Screens
Take control of your Apps on your iPad! Learn how to use folders, Home screens and the Dock to group, organize and clean-up your iPad apps.

Personal Computer Definitions
A glossary of personal computer definitions explained for beginners

Prepare for Computer Disaster with a Recovery Notebook
Prepare for a computer disaster by properly documenting all information necessary for a quick system restore.

Protect Data with Backups in Windows XP/2000
Neglecting to backup data can have serious consequences such as the loss of valuable data and the time needed to recreate the data. Learn about available backup media and the files that should be backed up for your protection.

Protect Data with Online Backups
Learn about good backup plans and procedures along with an explanation of online or cloud based backups and how using these services can help protect your data.

Protect Yourself from Phishing
Protecting personal information such as passwords and account numbers is becoming increasingly difficult. Protect your information from phishers by following the tips in the article.

Protecting a Computer from External Threats
Everyone is well aware of the threats to a personal computer that can cause damage, data loss or identity theft. Even with the proper defenses in place for protecting a system it can still be attacked. In this article, learn some techniques to help protect your system along with the other defenses.

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