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Laptop Accessories and Add-Ons
Find the perfect accessory or add-on for a laptop for that special geek on your holiday list or as a gift for yourself. This article offers some great ideas for accessorizing a laptop to make working a little bit easier and more enjoyable.

Laser Printer Cleaning and Maintenance Tips
Help keep your laser printer running smoothly by performing these maintenance procedures on a monthly basis.

Manage User Accounts in Windows XP
Basic procedures for managing your user account in Windows XP. Change your icon, password or user name in Windows XP.

Manage Windows 7 User Accounts
A user account in Windows 7 allows each user of a shared computer customize their own desktop and computing environment with their own settings and files. Come learn how to setup and manage user accounts in Windows 7 so each family member has their own customized environment.

Manual Backup Using Windows XP Backup Utility
Backup up your data is vital for protecting your files in case of a system crash or hard drive issues. To make backing up data easier you can utilize the Windows XP backup utility and an external hard drive to protect data by manually backing up system files.

Microsoft OneNote Mobile Introduction
Learn the basics of taking Microsoft OneNote mobile for access to all your notes while on the go.

Microsoft Windows 7 Editions
Microsoft is releasing its newest operating system, Windows 7, in the near future. Be prepared by learning about the software editions available and to determine if your system is ready for this new operating system.

Microsoft Windows Shortcut Keys
Everyone knows how to navigate Microsoft Windows using a mouse but there is also various keyboard shortcuts that can be used to help navigate the system. This article lists keyboard shortcuts that can be used with Windows Vista and XP along with Windows keyboard.

Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade Considerations
Learn what is needed to make the upgrade to Microsoft Vista a smooth transition.

Microsoft Word AutoCorrect Features
Information on the usage, customization and options of the AutoCorrect functionality in Microsoft Word. Used to format documents.

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