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Laura Bush is Pro-Choice
Whatever your opinion of her husband, You may be surprised to learn more of the Former First Lady and her own opinions and causes.

Lilith Fair
An amazing way to celebrate women in music, and at the same time, celebrate and support women and reproductive choice!

Male birth control
Would you use it or want your partner to?

Memorialization ideas
Ways to memorialize your abortion loss

Mississippi proposal bans abortion at heartbeat
Just when I thought Texas had the harshest and cruelest of anti abortion laws, Mississippi steps up to the plate to claim the title.

Montana House Bill 280- Forced ultrasounds
The worst anti choice bill for the United States so far.

More Candidates Endorsed by Emily's List
A look at more states and women candidates for pro-choice endorsed by Emily's List

More female candidates of choice!
Emily's List endorses them- We must vote for them!

My abortion coercion
This is what abortion coercion was like for me.

My Adiana sterilization procedure
It’s almost been a year since I had it done, and I have mixed results.

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