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My views on abortion
How I hold two opposing views at once.

National Condom Week
Celebrating Safe Sex during the week of Valentines Day!

New York woman charged with self abortion
A young woman is charged with a crime over a personal choice.

OrthoEvra & what we didn't know
Tragedy strikes everyday, but what if someone knew it could happen to you, ahead of time?

Our Truths Magazine
A look at women sharing their abortion experiences in a judgment free atmosphere.

Parental Involvement and Abortion
You may be surprised to learn what Parental Involvement really means for parents of pregnant teens, and the teens themselves.

Permanent Contraception
When to make the decision to not have more children.

Plan B
The emergency contraception facts & myths.

Plan B One-Step approved without restriction
A choice win for women! Finally!!!

Planned Parenthood loses funding in the house
A look at how Jackie Speier stood up for choice.

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