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Is Spirituality Inherent or Learned?
We come into this world as a spiritual being, but we also learn about and develop ourselves along life’s journey.

Karma and the Spirit
There are many views about what karma is and how it affects us.

Living in the Spiritual Moment
Are you really living in the moment or is life passing you by?

Loving Grief - Book Review
Paul accepted his grief as a part of life, as something to embrace because it is indeed love.

Marriage and Spirituality
A relationship based on love, trust, respect, and giving promotes spiritual attunement between husband and wife.

Meditation and Spirituality
Meditation not only releases stress to clear your mind but also opens up your psyche to find peace, balance, and happiness.

Music For the Spirit
Music moves us in different ways, evoking many different emotions that stir the spirit.

My Spirit Was Touched By a Canada Goose
In the presense of a majestic bird my spirit was filled with intense joy and peace. In giving, I received.

One True Theory of Love – Book Review
It took some time, but Meg finally lives up to her beliefs to go for what she wants out of life.

Pets and Spirituality
Pets provide us with spiritual support in ways we may not even realize.

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