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Destroy All Humans 2
The Destroy All Humans series is brilliant. With #2, you are now in the 1960s, with hippies and KBG agents all around you.

DJ Hero XBox 360
DJ Hero is similar to the Guitar Hero / Rock Band games, but now they give you a turntable to "spin" and lots of dance music to play with. How well does this concept work?

Dragon's Dogma Review
Set in a somewhat typical fantasy world of magic and monsters, "Dragon's Dogma" is a game with a fairly simple premise (at least at first): you are the Arisen, chosen to slay a mighty dragon before it can bring ruin to the world of man.

Dreamfall - The Longest Journey
Dreamfall - The Longest Journey is the sequel to the original adventure game named The Longest Journey. This game is more like participating in a 10 hour movie than playing a game, and your primary goal is to watch cut-scenes, solve a puzzle or two, and run on gathering quests.

Dynasty Warriors 7 - XBOX 360
The 7th incarnation of the formulaic Dynasty Warriors series, "DW7" barely deviates from the standard established by prior games and in fact regresses in several important fields.

Dynasty Warriors StrikeForce
The Dynasty Warriors series is basically known far and wide for what it is. This expansion, "DW: StrikeForce", doesn't do much to change that.

E3 XBox Golf Simulators
I just got back from the 2006 E3 and one of my favorite pairs of products were two golfing simulators. In both cases you take a REAL club and swing - and see the ball fly off on your XBox!

Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion
I kept putting off writing a review of Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion until I'd really finished the game. I finally had to just write it, because the game is so HUGE. This is a game you could literally play for years.

Electronic Gaming Monthly
Electronic Gaming Monthly - known as EGM - was a great gaming magazine that we enjoyed reading every month. Their Aprils Fools jokes were legendary. A victim of the internet, their last issue was in January 2009.

Enclave - First Person Dungeon Crawl
Enclave is a first person dungeon crawl which began on the XBox and GameCube before coming out for the PC.

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