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Las Vegas Solo
If you're looking for a fabulous destination with plenty to do, consider booking a ticket to Las Vegas.

5 Tips for Planning a Cross-Country Road Trip
Everyone dreams of hitting the open road for a new destination to an unknown location. While that approach can produce good results, there are still things to consider about your adventure. Here are 5 tips about planning a cross-country trip.

Voluntourism -- 2012 Archaeology Dig in Texas
Grab your fedora (leave your whip at home - TSA won't allow it in your carry-on) and get your cute safari shorts out! If an archaeological expedition/ vacation in 2012 is beckoning you - you need look no further than Arlington, Texas.

Yellowstone National Park Trip Planner
If you're looking for a beautiful, off-the-beaten-path place to take an early fall trip, consider Yellowstone National Park.

Solo Travel & Hotel Safety - know what to do
Being safe is all about prevention. Here are some quick room safety tips to keep you from being a victim of attack.

Strategies for Dealing with Bad Passengers
Planes can be little microcosms of society - and while it would be fantastic if everyone would conform to what our idea of "polite" is, it doesn't always happen that way. Find out what you can do to not only keep your cool, but to also help out the situation.

5 Tips - What to Wear in Hot Climates
When you're an intrepid solo traveler, one thing that you always need to be mindful of is the weather. We all know to take our winter gear when it's winter, but what do you pack when you're headed south in the summer?

5 Things to See in Santa Fe
If you love blue skies, big clouds, desert landscapes and amazing food, you owe it to yourself to spend three days in Santa Fe. Here are my top 5 things to do when you're there.

A Day at Chaco in New Mexico
New Mexico is an amazing place for a vacation, but when you go off the beaten trail, you can find yourself in a place where the sandstone whispers, ravens draw you onward and you can nearly hear the culture of civilizations past in Chaco.

Pack 10 Days of Travel in Carry-on Luggage
We all long for that long trip that is interrupted by the responsibilities of our Real World lives. For me, that means also avoiding anything resembling a household chore, like laundry. Can you make it 10 days with only 2 carry-on bags? Let's find out.

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