Obesity Survey - Health Benefits to Losing Weight

Obesity Survey - Health Benefits to Losing Weight
I am a strong proponent that you should strive to be healthy whatever weight you are at. That being said, study after study finds that those who are morbidly obese do gain better health if they become less heavy.

Even as far back as 2004, the research was clear. An article published in November 2004 in the Journal of the American Medical Association performed a review of a full 136 different obesity studies done around the world. In this particular set of studies, they looked at how patients fared after they lost the weight with bariatic surgery, but other studies have found similar results through other means of weight loss.

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The overall question for the doctors and researchers is - how does reducing obesity in an individual impact their health?

The results were staggering:

* 86% had better sleep and reduced sleep apnea
* 70% had better cholesterol
* 77% became non-diabetic
* 62% lowered their blood pressure

With almost 66% of all adults in the US currently falling into the overweight category, these types of studies are of critical importance. Adults need to learn to eat more healthily and to get more exercise. The heavier a person is, the less they are able to enjoy the things they wish to do. The less able they are to sleep well and therefore have a healthily functioning brain. The shorter their lifespan. The more they have to rely on family and friends (or paid providers) for even the simplest of activities.

We all have only one body. We were given this body at birth, and the body will eventually end its span and return to the dust. We cannot trade the body in for a new one during this one short, precious time we have here. We need to take the best care we can of it so that we can live as many years as possible in a healthy, happy, pain-free manner.

I do want to say again that I believe we all have different body weights at which we are comfortable. I wouldn't want anyone to become skeleton-thin for fashion reasons. But if someone is in the obese category, that extra fat is causing harm to a variety of body organs and systems. I do think it's important to find delicious foods you love which are healthy and delightful physical activities that you enjoy doing to make your days happier, healthier, and full of energy for the things you love.

Please ask with any questions, I'm here to help!

JAMA Report on Obesity and Health

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