Week Sixteen ~ Rejuvenation

Week Sixteen ~ Rejuvenation
For 2011 we are going to focus on 52 weekly prompts instead of daily prompts. Each week we will have a ‘focus’ so that each day we can dig a little deeper instead of jumping all over the place in our writing.


This week I want you to focus on the word ‘Rejuvenation’ and fully understand what it means to rejuvenate.

Webster’s dictionary defines this word like this:

Rejuvente >verb
1.....make or cause to appear younger or more vital
2.....give new vigor to
3.....to restore to an original or new state
4.....to stimulate (a stream) to renewed erosive activity especially by uplift
5.....to develop youthful features of topography in

EXAMPLES: The spa treatment rejuvenated me.
Each candidate claims to have a plan to rejuvenate the sagging economy.
Her efforts to rejuvenate her career have so far been unsuccessful.
DERIVATIVES: rejuvenator>noun; rejuvenation>noun; rejuvenescence>intrasitive verb
ORIGIN Latin juvenis youny – more at young; First known use: 1789

While reviewing this word I realized how infrequent I use it. It is a powerful word that gives a specific meaning and impression. This word is used mostly in connection to cosmetics and cosmetic surgery because we are all striving for the elusive fountain of youth.

Monday. . .Let us start simple. Ponder your appearance. Okay, not so simple but necessary. As you view yourself in the mirror what strikes you first? Do you look tired? Do you look happy? Do you look beat up? Write today about your appearance and how you are feeling. What do you need to rejuvenate today?

Tuesday. . .Today we are going to explore what false rejuvenation looks like. Write down how may of your friends have undergone cosmetic surgery. When you look at them their eyes have not changed and it is in their eyes that you can see their true appearance. Journal about cosmetic surgery.

Wednesday. . .Look around your life today and find an area that could use a ‘face lift’ or ‘new vigor’ as definition number two speaks about. Write several sentences about this area and how you plan on putting new vigor into it. This does not have to be part of your person, it could be a room or meal.

Thursday. . .Let’s think about definition number three. When I read this definition my first thought was antiques. So often what is thrown away just needs a little ‘rejuvenation’ coupled with love. Look around your home today and identify an object or room that needs to be returned to its original purpose or intent. Journal about how it lost its luster and what you did to revive it.

Friday. . .The last definition threw me a little. Even writing this I cannot image what this definition really means. So your ‘homework’ is to figure it out and write a sentence or two showing examples of this word use that matches the definition. Let me know what you come up with!

Saturday. . .On Saturday I like to rejuvenate. There are places I go and specific things I do that accomplish this. Today, consider what you can do for yourself to rejuvenate. This is not running away or resting. It is an actual remaking of your heart and mind. Journal today about what rejuvenates you specifically and why.

Sunday. . .take the day off. Enjoy your family. You might want to consider going to worship and letting God rejuvenate your entire life.

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