Dream Symbols - Circle, Ring

Dream Symbols - Circle, Ring
The circle is the perfect expression of infinity, continuity and connection. It has no beginning and no end, with no turns or corners in between. This perfect geometric shape symbolizes the center and perfection of the self in its wholeness.

When someone has transitioned through all aspects of life and has returned to their beginnings, we say that they have come "full circle." Family groups are referred to as the "family circle" while social groups are sometimes called a "circle of friends" or "community circle." When the apparent solution to a problem in a series of events creates a new problem and increases the difficulty of solving the original problem, it may be called a "vicious circle" or "vicious cycle."

To determine the meaning of your dream circle, look at the symbols and events connected with it. If you are traveling in a circle, you may be progressing toward wholeness or running around chasing your tail!

Rings, bracelets and necklaces are circular. Jewelry is given in many cultures to express emotion. In many societies, marriage and lifelong commitment are symbolized by exchanging rings. Did someone you desire give you a ring in your dream? Perhaps there's a chance for the relationship, or maybe it's just wishful thinking. Did you dream of a broken necklace or bracelet? Perhaps you fear a relationship will break or maybe it's time for a connection to end.

Circles can also contain and restrict. For instance, a new neighbor is outside the "community circle" until they settle in and are accepted. Dog collars allow the animal to be restrained. In some pagan traditions, a circle of intent is cast to contain positive energy and protect against negative energy. Knots begin with circles and usually contain several. Was your dream circle keeping something out or keeping you in? You may feel a need for protection, or you may feel trapped by a relationship or situation. Perhaps something is knotted up.

May all your dreams come true!

Parthena Black is a professional social worker and ordained minister with experience in tarot and runes. For private spiritual counseling and intuitive readings via e-mail, please visit her at oymygoddess.com.

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