SkinnyGirl Blueberry Acai Water Enhancer

SkinnyGirl Blueberry Acai Water Enhancer
SkinnyGirl Blueberry Acai Water Enhancer lets you add a rich flavor to your still water or carbonated water. It has 5 calories per serving. How does it taste?

SkinnyGirl Blueberry Acai Water Enhancer I've tried a number of water enhancer / water drops by this point, and most of them fall into one of two categories. One, they are very chemically and I don't like the flavor. Two, I like the flavor but they tend to have a "light" flavor like lemonade.

I was thrilled, therefore, when I found the SkinnyGirl blueberry acai option. The container is about the same size as most of these, and it has 24 servings in it. Each serving of 8oz of drink has:

5 calories
1g carbs
0mg sodium
0g fat
0g protein
no vitamins

So it has hardly any impact on your body in terms of carbs and calories.

The flavor is great! It's rich and full. It tastes "real" rather than chemically. To me that's an important part of reviewing these. I just can't drink the chemically ones.

I like having this as a heavier option, compared with the lemonades and such that I like. Sure, sometimes it's good to have a light lemonade on a sunny day. But there are many times that you want something with more flavor to it, maybe to hold up to cheddar cheese or a sauce-rich dish. This is a good option for those times. The flavor is bold and holds its own along with the food you're eating. Or, heck, there are just times you want your drink to have a stronger flavor.

It's a shame to me that the first ingredient after water is cane sugar. You'd think by now that they could use more stevia or something else to sweeten this without simply dumping sugar into it. They do have stevia listed, but it's far down the list. Maybe there's something about stevia's flavor that doesn't quite taste the same? Hopefully they'll figure that out sometime soon.

In any case, though, I like this one a lot. It's definitely in my list of flavorings that I take with me when I travel.

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