Which Hadith?

Which Hadith?
God condemns the fabricated hadiths which Muslims use instead of the Quran. God tells us in the verses below that the only hadith is the Quran and belongs to its author, God. The revelations from God are truthful but the hadiths of the fabricators make them guilty of blasphemy.

Chapter 45, verse 6 - 7
These are God’s revelations that we recite to you truthfully. In which hadith other than God and His revelation do they believe? Woe to every fabricator, guilty.

There are many Muslims who do not follow the fabricated and hollow hadiths attributed to the prophet Mohamed. The Quran is the only authorised word of God and anything beside the Quran is to be considered contradictory.

Chapter 31, verse 6
Some people uphold vain hadith to divert others from the path of God.

So many Muslims today rely upon hadiths that were written by men who were never authorised to speak on behalf of God or Mohamed. They invented hadith which are said to be the teachings of Mohamed but they are a satanic innovation because they go against the divine assertion that the Quran is a complete, fully detailed, perfect book from which God left nothing out. The Quran is the only source of religious guidance.

The hadiths depict Mohamed as a vicious tyrant who did not uphold the Quran. Hadiths are false doctrine based on superstition, customs, preposterous traditions and ignorance. Mohamed was told in no uncertain terms not to issue any religious teachings beside the Quran.

Chapter 69, verses 38 – 48
I swear by what you see. And what you do not see. This is the utterance of an honourable messenger. Not the utterance of a soothsayer, rarely do you take heed. A revelation from the Lord if the universe. Had he uttered any other teachings we would have punished him. We would have stopped the revelations to him. None of you could have helped him. This is a reminder for the righteous.

Many Muslims accept hadiths which agree with the Quran only to reject those which contradict it. It shows that these people do not believe God when he says in many verses that the Quran is fully detailed. We are told by God that the Quran is not a fabricated hadith.

Satan traps people into rejecting God’s word when they follow fabricated hadiths which contradict God when He says, “We did not leave anything out of this book.” (6:38). We do not need hadiths to understand the Quran.

Those of us who chose to follow the Quran alone are following in the footsteps of Mohamed. He did not follow anything but the Quran for the hadiths had not yet been written. Hadiths have caused major division between Muslims all around the world.

Chapter 12, verse 111
In their history, there is a lesson for those who possess intelligence. This is not a fabricated hadith; this confirms all the previous scriptures, provides details of everything, and is a beacon and mercy for those who believe.

Here is one hadith attributed to Mohamed that Muslims should take seriously if they claim to follow the hadiths of the prophet.

"Do not write anything from me; whoever has written anything from me other than the Qur’an let him erase it." (Narrated by Muslim, al-Zuhd wa'l-Raqaa'iq, 5326)

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