January Journaling Prompts ~ Wks 1 & 2

January Journaling Prompts ~ Wks 1 & 2
January is a month that brings new beginnings. So start a journal for 2010 with the following January prompts.

January 1 ~ Ellis Island was opened January 1, 1892. Spend time writing about your ancestors today. When we remember our ancestors we learn more about who we are.

~ Betsy Ross was born January 1, 1752. Spend time writing about the United States. The hopes and dreams of those who fought to bring this great county into existence can bring balance to what is happening today.

January 2 ~ Georgia is the 4th state that ratifies the United States Constitution. Spend time today writing about the state of Georgia. Do you know someone from Georgia? Have you ever visited Georgia?

January 3 ~ 1847 California town of Yerba Buena renamed San Francisco. Spend time today writing about your town/city. What do you like about where you live. What do you not like about where you live.

January 4 ~ Jacob Grimm was born January 4, 1785. He and his brother are best known for the ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales.’ When I think of fairy tales I think of things that I want to happen but probably will not. Spend time today writing about your hopes and dreams.

~ January 4th is also trivia day. Spend time today writing about some trivia facts about your life. What do people NOT know about you?

January 5 ~ Today in 1759 George Washington marries Martha Dandridge Custis. Spend time today writing about marriage. What do you like about the institution of marriage? Why is marriage important?

~ Today is also National Bird Day. Spend time today writing about the birds you see in your neighborhood. What is your favorite bird?

January 6 ~ Pan American Airlines becomes the first commercial airline to have a flight go around the world in 1942. Travel has changed our world in so many ways. Spend time today writing about how airplanes have changed our world.

January 7 ~ In the United States we find that this day in 1789 the first US Presidential election was held. Spend time today writing about the office of President.

~ Today is also Old Rock Day. Spend time today writing about rocks. Rocks remind me of strength and firm foundations that cannot be shaken.

January 8 ~ In 1935 Elvis Presley was born on this day. Recently on one of my road trips I visited Tupelo where Elvis was born. Seeing his childhood home encouraged me to strive for my dreams. Spend time writing about your dreams and how you can move closer to them.

January 9 ~ Today is National Static Electricity Day. I found this very interesting. Why is ‘static electricity’ worthy of a national day? Spend some time writing today bout static electricity. Do you know any facts about static electricity?

January 10 ~ The UN first met on this day in 1946. Spend time writing today about being part of a global society. Are you for a one world government? A global government is warned about in Scripture. What are the dangers of a world government?

January 11 ~ Today is National Secret Pal Day. This is a national day. Do you have a secret pal? Spend some time today writing a secret note to a secret pal. Sending an anonymous note of encouragement and thanks is always welcomed.

January 12 ~ Today is National Work Harder Day. Sometimes I do not want to work harder but today I have a reason to work harder. Spend time today writing about working harder and what would happen if everyone took this national day seriously.

January 13 ~ Today is National Make Your Dreams Come True Day. I am not sure what this day is about. My dreams seem to always be a little out of my reach. Then when they ‘come true’ they are either better than I dreamed or not at all what I dreamed. Spend time today writing about dreams that have come true. Where they what you expected?

January 14 ~ Today is National Dress-Up Your Pet Day. Where I live I believe this national day is observed everyday! Spend some time today writing about your pet(s). Animals brings us joy, consultation and help. What type of pet do you have? Did you grow up with pets? What has your pet taught you?

January 15 ~ For all you football fan you will be pleased to know that the first Super Bowl game was played on January 15, 1967. Green Bay defeated Kansas City (35 to 10). Football is a team sport. To win the team must work together for the common goal. Spend time today writing about being a team player. What makes a good team player? What is a common goal your team is working towards? Can this concept apply to your family?

REMEMBER: Journal Prompts are meant to begin your journaling not dictate your finished journaling page.

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