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Building Intuition

From the first day we step into kindergarten we are drilled in ways we should be logical. The letter A *must* have the pointy part on top. The number 8 always comes before the number 9. We're scolded if we color outside the lines, draw our world in a different way, or break the rules. It's time to rebuild your trust in yourself, and in your intuition.

First, get yourself a journal. Journals can be critical in helping you see patterns in your world and keep track of your growth. Begin by trying to write down the dreams you can remember each morning. Don't feel discouraged if at first you can't remember any. We are trained by our culture to ignore our dreams as meaningless, instead of realizing they are messages are brain is trying to convey to us. After a few weeks you should be able to remember even tiny snippets of what happened in your dreams. The more you train yourself to remember the details, the more adept your mind will get at remembering the pieces.

Next, during the day, try to stay "mindful" in the moment you are in. Many people race around in a fog, talking on their cell phone, listening to their MP3 player, and drowning out the myraid of messages the world is sending in. Even if a person was an extraordinarily psychic person, how could the signal possibly get to them through all that chaos and noise?

Instead, try at least one time each day to simply BE in the place you are. Pay wakeful attention to the colors, the sounds, the aromas, the sensations of what is around you. Does anything stand out to you? Did a bright red object catch your eye, or did a sudden sound make you turn? Don't try to evaluate things logically. This isn't about finding a solution or about putting things into boxes. It's about training your mind to be open to signals, to be aware of what it is drawing in from the world around you. You can either carry a journal with you to write your thoughts about these time periods, or you can remember to do that before you go to bed.

The key is practice. The more you get used to listening to what is going on around you, and really paying attention to "this moment in time" and what is going on, the more your mind will be capable of drawing in the various signals of the world. It is just like a bird watcher who, at the beginning, only hears "noise" in the forest - but after weeks of practice can suddely pick out the quiet call of a baby robin and the distant hoot of an owl calling for a mate. It is all about paying attention and practicing that mindful awareness.

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