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Grand Theft Auto 3 Walkthrough
This is an AMAZING game and a lot of it comes down to practicing with the cars and weapons. You can't just know what the strategy is - you have to be able to impelement it. Don't race through the game from mission to mission. Take your time doing side missions, exploring, practicing. The better you know each town, and know how to drive from place to place, the easier the missions are.

If you're looking for the walkthrough of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Click Here.

Getting Started
Basic Tips
Give Me Liberty

Luigi's Girls
Don't Spank my Bitch Up
Drive Misty for Me
Pump-Action Pimp
The Fuzz Ball

Phone By Joey
The Crook
The Thieves
The Wife
Her Lover

Mike Lips Last Lunch
Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong
Van Heist
Cipriani's Chauffeur
Dead Skunk in the Trunk
The Getaway

El Burro
I scream, you scream
Trial by Fire
Big N' Veiny

Taking Out the Laundry
The Pick-up
Salvatore's Meeting
Triads and Tribulations

Cutting the Grass
Bomb da Base: Act 1
Bomb da Base: Act 2
Last Requests

Sayonara Salvatore
Paparazzi Purge
Payday for Ray

King Courtney
Bling Bling Scramble
Uzi Rider
Gang Car Roundup
Kingdom Come

Under Surveillance
Kenbu But-Out

Uzi Money
Rigged to Blow
Bullion Run

Special Missions and Car-Related Information
Car Listing with Photos
Portland Harbor Car Ring
Taxi Missions
Vigilante Missions
Ambulance Missions
Fire Truck Missions
Patriot Checkpoint Missions
Emergency Vehicle Crane
Remote Control (Toy Car) Missions

Nifty Secrets
Hidden Packages
Cop Bribes (spinny badges)
Insane Jumps
Protective Shields
Random Points and Titles

Forum - Live Hints, Tips and Cheats
Submit a Hint, Tip or Cheat

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