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99 Nights Walkthrough
Inphyy - Divine Varrfarrinn

This is really just a 'training mission'. You are fighting against your brother in a mock battle. You start out with a lovely windmill scene. Inphyy calls out her inspiring speech -

"All right! Victory will be ours! Do not yield an inch! Break through their lines!"

Just blast away, you are barely touched by anybody. Stay in the center so your combo count racks up without interruption. At around your 500 combo, you get a move speed increase.

Shortly after you achieve 50 kills, archers appear on the map to join in the fight. Run up to slay them - they change over to swords when you get close enough. Near them is a chest with HP recovery (i.e. health improvement) in it. This is just a one-hit heal. Note that there's another chest higher up the hill that you won't be able to get to until the end of this level.

While you're fighting, some enemies will drop random "helpful items" (again they are just one-shot heals) like HP recovery and orb gauge increase.

Now another set of archers shows up, including a named person - Grorgann. Fight through them and there's another chest with HP recovery here. These guys will drop random items - one time they dropped HP recovery, another time they dropped demon gloves (i.e. an actual item you can save and equip).

There's a chest over by the tower providing an orb gauge increase, if you're having fun with your orb blasts.

After you finish off the Grorgann archers, your brother Aspharr shows up. "Enemy General is Up Ahead". Plow through his troops first to get the kills and then take him down.

Once he shows up you can get to the upper chest. I've got a Divine Ring with critical damage evade.

"You're much improved, Inphyy." says he.

"Thank you, brother. From now on I won't hold back, he he he"

After this you get a speech with the Queen, where you're chosen to lead the troops.

You get a random gift here. I've gotten Ward Cloak 2 and Demon Gloves.

Just to give you an idea of how you can do, here are 2 random score sets from my playing.

time 9:02
kills 175
orbs 966
max combo 591
guard survival 89
successful missions 1
bonusses 1100
rank A
points 4

time 11:06
kills 216
standard attack 216
orb spark 0
orbs obtained 1302
max combo 241
guard survival 99
successful missions 1
bonusses 1100
rank A
points 4

99 Nights Walkthrough

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