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99 Nights Walkthrough
Inphyy - Eaurvarria Mountains

This is the Goblin Mission - your first real mission. There are TONS of goblins here. You get a report from your captain that goblin forces have been spotted up ahead.

Time again for your inspiring speech -

"Prepare for combat! Do not retreat! Wipe out every last goblin! Show them no mercy!"

After only a few moments, they start to run away. Whether you want to or not, you chase them. One time I tried to run backwards to look around and POOF it forced me ahead. Suddenly a rockslide happens, to block your path.

You fight a batch of them. At 500 combo you don't get anything, I managed to rack up an 806 max combo here. There really are lots in a small area. When all are clear, you're told to join up at a rally point.

"Do not rush it - advance slowly". And in traditional Han Solo fashion, Heppe says "I have a bad feeling about this ..."

Yes, another batch of goblins to fight. I've gotten random items given to me here. One time I got a wind cloak and life globe 1. Another time I received healing wood and orb charm 1. Another time I got a Wind Cloak 1 and health ups

I've also received a temporary move rate increase and a battle emblem.

Head left ("south") up the hill. If you want, knock down the fences holding back the boulders to let them roll down the hill. I don't like to do this myself, I'd rather kill them personally. Each time I've checked the chest up here I've gotten a Cursed Choker.

At somewhere around 500 kills you should get a Level Up to be Level 2. As a random help, my stats in one pass were now:

hp 749 / attack 193 / def 43 / speed 4.0 / critical 12 / orb x/9000 / 3 item slots

You're done with this dead end. Now head on the right path (i.e. "north"). Fight your way through the goblins. It shouldn't be too challenging - hack, slash. You again get boulders to play with if you wish. At the end of this path is a chest with a new sword, called the Bloody Rose. It's Level 2, attack range +15%.

You should get a battle emblem up here, at around 1,000 kills. I've also gotten a temp boost for guard power attack up.

When you're all set with this dead end, turn around to go back to the center area. Goblins will come up at you - send down the boulders if you still have them. When you get down to the lower area, then head north towards the indicated spot on the map. You'll run into a group of goblins with 2 wizards. They have staffs with them and you can see them casting purple magic. Make sure you focus on them and take them out, then their troops. As you keep going you'll hit another 2 wizards. Again, take them out first. Continue northwards.

You're reaching the end of the level. You'll hit a big group with a wizard. Once again take him out and then plow into the group. I've gotten a temp speed incrase in here. There's a chest with a Dire Helm. Note the 'east' path down south isn't passable.

Here comes the challenge. They've got a cave troll! :) OK it's just a "Troll". Note he can be REALLY nasty if he hits you. It's best to avoid him at first and clear out the enemies because when the troll goes, the level ends. Blast away from all angles, avoiding him. You should get a Ward Cloak 2 along the way.

Soon your brother runs into help out. Once you're ready for the troll, use orb blasts on him and aim to hit him from behind. It sucks to die here after you carefully played the rest of this relatively long mission.

When you defeat him, you get bonus XP move speed increase. I've also gotten cursed boots. Lovely :)

Right away, a wounded soldier staggers up and asks you for help. You are very single minded and say NO.

Here's two of my random score sets from this mission:

time 25:40
kills 1605
standard 1566
orb 39
orbs obtained 10120
max combo 573
guard survival 72
bonusses 1200
rank B
points 7

time 25:18
kills 1875
standard 1623
orb spark 252
orbs obtained 10502
max combo 751
guard survival 89
bonusses 1200
score A
points 15

99 Nights Walkthrough

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