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99 Nights Walkthrough
Inphyy - Outside Wyandeek

This is a nice, short mission. Enjoy! Your captain says "Goblin infantry ahead". You respond, "Don't let them escape!"

You just chase them for a while, until they stop. There's a big ambush that you battle your way through. You get a ton of things here. Around 100 kills I got a level up to Level 3. I also got a Valor Flag, random fleet boots, hp increase, etc. A chest has an orb gauge increase.

After this massive ambush is over, you're told to find the goblin camp. It looks straight northeast.

Make sure you first wait for all goblins in this lower area to be slain.

As you head there, your brother says "Inphyy, there are more enemies than we thought." You reply, "Just perfect a dry run for fort Wyandeek."

A chest just north of the entrance area has health recovery. Fight your way in, having loads of fun. As you get in the middle of the tents area, "goblin commander" appears on your HUD. Do NOT kill him - when you do, the mission ends right away.

So hunt around. There's a chest with a divine armband among the tents. You can take down the archery towers by hitting them lots of time. Some chests just have healing. The far S chest had a Sage's Glass. The far east had an Orb Sword.

Finally when there is nobody left, get to the commander. You can kill him with lots of spins. He gives me awful stuff - cursed shields, deadly rings. Ah yes and xp bonus.

When he dies - auto mission complete

Here are some score sets. Note that I tried to keep my guards alive by telling them all to wait by the entrance. Somehow half of them died anyway. So I took them along with me on other trips.

time 13:17
kills 1323
standard 1247
orb 76
orbs obtained 8036
max combo 529
guard survival rate 45%
bonusses 50
rank B
points 18 (4?)

time 18:23
kills 1428
standard 1127
orb 301
orbs obtained 7426
max combo 764
guard survival 45%
bonusses 1000 (killing all towers etc) tried to keep guys at start again - didn't help
rank B
points 21 (3?)

99 Nights Walkthrough

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