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Lisa Shea
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99 Nights Walkthrough
Inphyy - Fort Wyandeek

I don't like this mission at all. Not only is it long and very tedious, but it's very depressing in what it "forces you to do".

Inphyy's eyes are starting to gleam. "Let us kill them all - if just one escapes they'll be back a hundred-fold"

You start in an open area with 2 armies facing you. Take them out rather easily. When this middle area is done, head right to the bridge, since it's a dead end. A captain is there. Take him out, and the chest here is just hp recovery. Now trek all the way west. There's a chest to the south along the way, with HP recover. More troops come down at you, but at an easy pace. Kill them as you go.

Further west are boulders to dodge. Work your way to the top of the path to kill another main enemy. You get an aegis charm 1. The 2 chests there just have health and orb increases. Once you clear this area, you're told the main gate, back at the beginning area, is now open. So you have to trek back to the center. Again. You have a tiny amount of enemies along the way.

OK finaly a FUN part!! When you go through that gate there are literally HORDES coming down the hills at you. I used 2 blasts in a row and got 1,000 kills and a battle emblem. I also got an orb charm 1.

OK, head west and deal with easily managed small wavelets of enemies. A corporal stands before the gate at the end. Kill him to get a wind cloak 1, bonus XP, and the main gate opens up. There's no chest here. So yes, trek back to the center. AGAIN.

Once again, lots of small groups of troops. Take out the archer groups one by one. Then go a little west to take out the central group. Head east to get the group by the bridge. The chest here only has an org gauge increase. They drop the bridge before you can cross it. When this is clear, time to head to the large force to the west. Trek trek trek.

A chest along the way on the right has HP recovery, another chest further on has orb increase. As you get close, Inphyy says "What's going on?" Tyurru, the sorceress chick with blue-green eyes, is there. She helps a bit and then just stands there like a statue :) I got a clover 1 here.

So now what? You guessed it, trek back to the center again. There's a biggish mass of soldiers but broken up into small groups that are easy to go one by one and kill them. Klarrann, the priest, is here to help - but once again he helps by fighting in one spot and then just stands there when you leave. Take out the main enemy. I levelled up here, and got bonus XP. The end of this path has a chest with an orb increase. But then - ah yes, a main gate opens and you have to trek back to the center. Again.

OK this is the part that bothers me. You see a few soldiers, a few towers, and what looks like homes. Your brother tries to warn you that these goblins look different but you ignore him. I used to head along the main path (to the left) and you literally get forced into killing civilians and women / children!! Now I refuse to go that way. The moment my brother makes a comment I run towards the *center* path where the goblin wizards are. I blast a ton of goblins on the way, hitting over 2,000 kills. The chest in the back of this area has HP recovery, and there are 3 wizards.

Take out these 3 wizards and the mission ends *immediately* without you having ever seen the civilians, never mind hurt them. However, your brother then asks you anyway "Inphyy, what have you done?" You respond "I sent them to their graves." He says "But why? You've gone too far." You reply, "That is our duty".

When you play it like I did, the brother seems a bit odd. You were just killing the soldiers and wizards, like before! But if you'd gone and done your civilian-slaying, it is Inphyy that seems totally deranged. In any case, you're now told that the Goblin King Dwykfarrio is now in the flatlands and that you have to go face him there.

I got my best score on this level by avoiding the civilian area completely. Note that in Japanese scoring, S is above A or B.

time 33:16
kills 2038
standard 1718
irbs 329
orbs obtrained 11139
max combo 629
guard survival 83%
bonusses 2000
rank S
points 26 (i.e. 5 more)

99 Nights Walkthrough

99 Nights Review

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