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American M'gee's Alice Walkthrough

Castle Keep

Go forward and enter the large doors. There are 3 CGs near you and 2 more at the upper back of the chamber, near a large Heart Door that you have to unlock.

In the lower part is an oddly shaped rotating mirror and 3 portraits on the wall. Note the position and subject of each. Above, there's a lever by the Heart Door.

Go and pull the lever to make the mirror rotate to reflect a portrait, first its Tweedle Dee. When you jump down and look in the mirror you only see the Club sign. Go back through the arrival room, taking care of the 2 CGs, and go into the passage on the far side. It leads to a small Thermal to the next floor up, also to 2 more CGs.

There are 3 doors up here and you want the Club one that is in front of you. Inside is a dark chamber with a shaft of light. Move forward into the light and the whole chamber lights up revealing the 3 portraits again. You have to hit the portrait corresponding to the Club sign to complete part of the sequence. Use the Knife or the Cards. When you entered, the shaft of light indicated which portrait direction.

If you choose the wrong one, you will be back in the room below with some more CGs to fight before you try again. If you were correct, you can go back down by the Thermal, fight a Heart CG or 2, and go back to the lever for the next portrait. You do this 3 times to unlock the Heart Door. Diamond is the Jaberwock, and Spade is the Mad Hatter.

After you go through the unlocked door, you see a cut-scene where the Cat is killed while its talking to you. You go on to the final battle, alone. Heart of Darkness

There is some confusion in the game between the Red Queen and the Queen of Hearts, but it's probably the same person so it doesn't really matter.

There are two rounds to the last 'Boss' fight. As you approach the QUEEN OF HEARTS, her face-mask falls off and she rises off the throne on the end of a large tentacle. She has several long-range weapons and a Tractor Beam to draw you closer so she can use her Claws.

As usual keep moving and use your most powerful weapons. During the fight, some ME keeps appearing, alternately, behind the two pillars at the back of the room. If you can use your weapons at close range they are much more effective.

When you have killed the Queen, it turns out that you were fighting a puppet on the end of a tentacle of the real, and much more horrible Queen, and now you must do it all over again with the real thing. Alice does acquire a protective coating.

By now you have discovered that the problems in Wonderland are caused by Alice's mental state and the final battle is really against the dark side of herself.

You are on one of a circle of small rocky islands floating in space, with the Queen Monster in the middle. Over to the right on an island is a Super ME. You can jump around the circle in either direction. If you fall, you're dead. As you pick up the ME, another appears on a different island. On another island, further to the right, on a ledge below the top, is a BLUNDERBUSS pick-up, so get it.

The Queens attacks are fairly spread out, so it gives you time to keep jumping and reloading your ME reserves to maximum for the Blunderbuss to work. About 4 well-aimed shots at close range should kill her. She explodes and you see the final cut-scenes where Wonderland is restored to normal, all Alice's animal friends come back to life, and Alice walks out of the asylum with her mind cured.


NOTE: Some people have criticised this ending, but it seems perfectly satisfactory to me, even if some of the graphics are poor.

This entire walkthrough was written by J.C. Wright who has given BellaOnline permission to display it.

American M'gee's Alice Walkthrough

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