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American M'gee's Alice Walkthrough
Fortress of Doors

Beyond the Wall

You enter a large complex stone courtyard, which is really just one large chamber with thick stone wall piers jutting out into it. There are several CGs in here. Don't fight them yet unless you're cornered, just run about to end up in the centre by a raised block with a RAGEBOX on it. When you activate a Ragebox, Alice becomes like a maniac with super strength and killing ability. It doesn't last long so you want to get as many enemies around as you can before you activate it. In this case kill 6 CGs. You can just run for the door but the CGs will still be here later on.

Enter the large wooden door diagonally opposite the corner where you came in. You go through several doors and come out onto a ledge with a whirlwind blowing all sorts of debris about, including pieces of the floor. There are two fixed floor pieces between your ledge and the distant Vortex, which is your way out.

Wait until the floor pieces make up a square extension to your ledge and quick-save, then move forward to the left front edge. When two pieces have broken off from behind you and made a platform, jump over to get to the first of the islands. Repeat this to get to the second island. Repeat again to get to the other side.

If you stand and watch the repeating pattern before you start, or on the islands, it will help. Quick-save on each island. Puzzle rules apply. As you get to the other side, 2 SBs appear behind you and follow you to the next area.

Save again, you have to fight and it's not easy. Run down the spiral stairs on the left, and in the room below, go round to the right and shelter behind the large pillar.

They attack one at a time. Use the throwing knife, and the closer the enemy, the greater the damage. When they are dead you must use the levers to open some doors in the castle opposite. There are 3 levers and the Cat says that the order is critical. This works, right-left-centre. Pulling the single lever on the first floor resets the lower floor levers if you got it wrong. When you do it correctly, all the levers disappear and you see the doors open again. Go back up to the first floor and start to cross the chequered floor to the castle opposite. It automatically extends in front of you to get you over. You have to take care of the 2 CGs first before you are free to enter. Inside is another CG, then you can enter the Vortex door.

As you enter the next chamber, the floor breaks up and forms a floating moving staircase of floor segments. Puzzle rules apply. It's fairly easy to jump from piece to piece up to the next Vortex door.

In the next chamber you find yourself on the tops of the pier walls of the chamber with the Ragebox. The first problem is that there are 2 SBs attacking you. Take them on and replenish with some ME on the far wall. If you fall to the ground, you can get back up because the plinth that the Ragebox was on is now a rising and lowering platform, but you may have more enemies to deal with. There are 3 floating doors at the end of 3 walls. They all seem to have a Vortex to the next area when they open.

This entire walkthrough was written by J.C. Wright who has given BellaOnline permission to display it.

American M'gee's Alice Walkthrough

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