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American M'gee's Alice Walkthrough
Fortress of Doors

Skool's Out

As you enter another large hall, once again ignore the enemies and run left to exit through a large door. Go down the stairs and use the Large ME under the stairs if you need it. Run and jump over to the ledge with a new weapon for you; the DEMON DICE. As soon as you have them you will be attacked by 2 SBs. Jump back over to the stairs and when you are near the top use the dice on the SBs. Your Green Demon should kill them for you. There's an element of luck, as with any dice, it doesn't always work. Never use the dice when you're alone or the Demon will attack you, though you can fight back. Your enemies can kill the Demon if they're strong enough.

Go back through the door into the hall. There are several CGs and SBs and this is another time to run and fight later. You can go right, to the 1st Grayd Gymnasium, but why not have a look round and clear the enemies from some of the upper rooms.

Go up the stairs and turn left, avoiding the CG, and enter the large doors. Inside are 3 more CGs and perhaps a SB as well. Jump over them and run into the 2nd Grayd room at the far end. This is the Laboratory. Now you can turn and fight them one at a time either through the doorway, or tempt them into the room, one at a time.

When they're all dead go out of the room into the hallway and take either of the two side-doors (they both go to the same place) to another hallway and kill 2 more CGs. Go into the 3d Grade Room at the end. Kill 2 more CGs.

If you missed the Mallet weapon before, here is another chance to pick it up or boost your weapon and Will. Go through into the next room and kill 2 CGs and a SB. You can't do any more here at the moment, but by all means have a good look round. Note the poppy seeds.

Return to the ground floor in the main hall. The 3d Grayd room is at the top landing with no stairs; the 2nd Grayd room is on the middle landing with the stairs.

You can fight the remaining CGs and SBs or run for the Gymnasium through the doors marked 1st Grayd, with the hearts. Kill any CGs and operate the lever in the alcove on the left. There's a large ME in the other one. Steps will unfold from the wall-bars.

Go to the top of the left side of the steps, turn round, and jump onto the broken beam. Walk along the beams, avoiding the swinging lights, to where the Gnome is waiting. 3 SBs fly in, so use the Ragebox to see them off. You see the Gnome in the Lab, so go back there, fighting or avoiding the 2 more SBs in the hall with the stairs to the 2nd Grayd.

Two CGs are attacking the Gnome in the Lab, so take care of them. Take the flask with the Jumbo Grow Potion from the cupboard and return to the 3d Grayd and the Poppy Seeds. You will meet several CGs and SBs on the way, but by now you should have developed a fighting and running strategy. Pour the Potion on the Poppy Seeds and when the plant has grown, pick it and return once more to the Lab.

The Gnome makes your final Shrinking Potion and leaves you a Star Key to enter the Observatory. Leave with both through the Vortex door to return to the first of the large school halls with the central staircases. There are 2 CGs in the hall. Go up the stairs, turning right to the Library. In the main library hall you will fight 3 more SBs before using the spiral column lift back up to the next floor.

This time take the left slope to the next floor up, dealing with several CGs on the way. Turn left at the top of the slope and go through the doorway to a lift which is operated by the Star Key. You enter the Observatory and have to kill some more CGs before you can go up the broken stairs to the telescope platform.

You will see a cut-scene where Alice drinks the Potion, shrinks, and jumps through a Vortex to the next area.

This entire walkthrough was written by J.C. Wright who has given BellaOnline permission to display it.

American M'gee's Alice Walkthrough

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