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American M'gee's Alice Walkthrough
Vale of Tears

Pool of Tears

Alice is on a hillside with some small live mobile Boulders that are harmless fun, try pushing them. You see a cut-scene of some large ants pushing a rock over the cliff top and blocking a pathway through the cliff face; the only way is up.

Down the hillside, on the left by a notice warning of falling rocks, jump over to the ledge and start up the slope. Jump over the gaps. Each time you see a short scene of the ants pushing a rock over onto the path, you should have time to take avoiding action, either by standing still or jumping back over the previous gap or two. Use the quick-save frequently, after each success. Try to ignore the HELICOPTER BEETLES (I will refer to them as HBs as they sound like helicopters) they will only deplete your will. They drop bombs but they're only really accurate when you stand still too long.

At the top there are three giant SOLDIER ANTS (I will refer to them as SAs) that fire muskets, and will throw Alice high in the air if she gets too close. Some SAs are more dangerous with better weapons, depending on rank. Use the long-range Mallet weapon. Kill them and replenish your strength.

Follow the river upstream until you meet the Mock-Turtle. He tells you that if you help him get his shell back from the Duchess, he will tell you where the Caterpillar is, who will help you find the White Rabbit. He then jumps onto a floating leaf and floats off downstream. Jump onto one of your own and follow him.

In the deeper water there are numerous savage fish, probably the SNARK, which should be avoided if possible. If you stand about on the water's edge, they will spit at you.You can easily kill the Snark with one swipe of the knife if you go underwater, but there is a risk of drowning. Whenever Alice enters the water, the weapon she's holding changes to the knife as that is all she can use. When she gets out, it changes back to whatever she had before she went in.

Try and stay in the middle of the leaf, facing forward. You can be knocked off or injured by sharp objects hanging over the water. Try to dodge them, but keep the 'Walk' key pressed or you will fall off the leaf. The leaf will enter a small pool with a medium ME over some low branches. As the leaf passes under the branches, jump up, collecting the ME and land back on the leaf. As you approach another stream, you see the Mock-Turtle and his leaf just ahead of you. You both go over a small waterfall, so you should run and jump to land on his leaf with him, otherwise you will end up in the water. You may have to try this several times so save first. You continue on to another low branch with more ME; jump again or you will be swept off. Try to ignore all attacks from SAs and HBs during the trip, and save frequently.

If you do end up in the water, keep moving downstream and don't drown by keeping the Jump key pressed. Climb out at the first bit of low bank and jump back onto a passing leaf. There is some large ME on a bank to the right.

Eventually you will see the Mock-Turtle again, shortly before you have to grab a hanging Vine as your leaf goes over a deadly waterfall. If you are in the water at this point, keep to the left and climb out onto a rocky bank. This may be the best tactic anyway. You can jump from here to the vine. Climb halfway up the Vine and swing and jump to the path above the left bank.

Follow the path away from the river and you will see the Mock-Turtle leaving on another leaf. Take the next one to appear and follow him over the waterfall.

This entire walkthrough was written by J.C. Wright who has given BellaOnline permission to display it.

American M'gee's Alice Walkthrough

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