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Animal Crossing Wild World Walkthrough
Flooring Options

I thought about trying to take digital pictures of the flooring, but it really wouldn't come out very well. I finally decided just to describe them, since you can of course see them for yourself on your computer if something is actually available for you to buy.

Citrus flooring looks like a large circle cut from an orange, with the ring and skin are dark orange. The seeds are light orange. The background of the carpet is blue.
Cost: 1,330 bells

Classic Carpet
This traditional style carpet has blue and green patterns in ever expanding squares, with a floral theme.

Common Floor
This is your starting floor. It goes with the quiet cottage look. Ther are wood planks runing along in a quiet pattern.
Cost: 1,280 bells

Green Rug
This basic green rug is nice for green lovers
Cost: 1,540 bells

Parquet Floor
This is the floor I like best, it's what's in my home. It's patterned wood with a vine pattern around the edge, also in wood.
Cost: 2,350 bells

Slate Floor
This is a nice stone floor. It's the style of floor with grey stone in random shapes, like you might see in an old church.
Cost: 1,380 bells

Animal Crossing Wild World Walkthrough

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