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Animal Crossing Wild World Walkthrough
Menu Commands

Use Y or X to bring up the main menu. Your menu has a series of colored tabs across the top.

The leftmost tab is your inventory. This shows the 15 items you can hold, plus 10 letters. It shows what you are currently equipped with, and your money. You can equip something - like a fishing rod - by dragging it with your stylus from your inventory to your body.

This is where you create patterns. You can design hats, umbrellas, shirts, floors, wallppaer and other items.

This is your high score records for all fish you've caught. You can see their name, size, habitat, and season. You also see the longest one you've caught.

If you're into catching insects, here is where you see what you've caught in the past.

Text Bubble
Useful for chatting with friends.

This is your town map. A green house marks where your home is. Blue houses mark where other peoples' homes are. You get a flashing icon to show where you are currently standing.

This keeps track of your registered friends.

Down Arrow
This option minimizes your menu.

Animal Crossing Wild World Walkthrough

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