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Animal Crossing Wild World Walkthrough
Making Money - Fruit, Fish, Shells

There are three main ways to earn easy cash in your animal crossing world. These ways are fruit, fish and shells.

The most easy way to earn money - that keeps renewing automatically - is to pick fruit. Simply walk up to any tree that has fruit on it. Make sure you have room in your inventory, and are not equipped with anything. Hit the A button to shake the tree. The fruit will drop down onto the ground. Go up to each fruit on the ground and press B to pick it up. You can sell them to Tom Nook for cash.

Once you get through the initial tasks with Tom Nook, you can buy a fishing rod from his store. It's sitting there on a counter - just walk up to it and click on it to look at it. Once you have the fishing rod, go down to the ocean. Look for a dark fish shape. Equip the rod by going into the inventory screen and dragging it onto your body. Now click in the ocean by the fish. This will cast. If the fish doesn't see it and bite it, hit A to drag it back in and then click to cast again. Once the fish bites it, wait until the bobber is dragged under the water. The moment it is, press and hold A. That will cause the fish to spin in circles a few times and then come in. You can sell fish for cash to Tom, or bring them to the museum for aquarium work.

A very easy way to earn money is to wander the seashore and pick up shells. Just bring them to Tom Nook to sell for cash.

Animal Crossing Wild World Walkthrough

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