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Animal Crossing Wild World Walkthrough
Shell List

I love collecting shells on the beach! They're pretty, and you get cash from Tom when you sell them.

Coral is a really cool thing! It is a tiny creature, but the skeleton it leaves behind is quite hard. Tiny coral creatures create giant coral structures that you see in underwater shows. They can grow in all sorts of shapes - brain shapes, fan shapes, stag antler shapes, and more. Sells for: 250 bells
Dall's Top
A Dall's Top is blue-white in the game. It's the traditional spiral shell that people listen to on the beach, to hear the sounds of the ocean. The full name of the shell is Dall's Unicum Top.
Sells for: 90 bells

Pearl Oyster
We all know oysters! These are sea creatures that have hard shells. The shells are in two flaps, that close together. When a grain of sand is caught in an oyster, the oyster covers it with "goo" to keep the sand from irritating it. That goo wraps around the sand and eventually becomes an oyster. Oysters are prized as jewelry around the world.
Sells for: 1,200 bells

Porceletta shells are cowrie shells. They are oval shapes, about 2" long usually, with a single slit lengthwise down the shell. The name comes from the Roman name "little pigs". In fact, early oriental pottery that was brought to Europe had the same sort of color, so the europeans called it "porcelain". In this game they look orange-white.
Sells for: 30 bells

Sand Dollar
I love sand dollars! They were originally sea creatures. When the creature dies, all that's left behind is the skeleton, which is what we find on the beach as a sand dollar. It's a circle shape that often has five lines on it going out from the center. In animal crossing these look orange and white.
Sells for: 60 bells

Venus Comb
Venus was the goddess of love. A venus comb is a spiral shell like a conch shell, but with really long spikes coming out of it. This is of course why it's called a comb :)
Sells for: 150 bells

White Scallop
Scallops, yumm! Scallops are tasty with garlic sauce. A scallop is a white shell with a "traditional sea shell" design - the one that looks sort of like a fan.
Sells for: 450 bells

Animal Crossing Wild World Walkthrough

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