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Animal Crossing Wild World Walkthrough
Club and Songs

Every Saturday night you can get one new song from the club beneath the museum. Don't rush it or cheat to get extra songs! Part of the fun of this game is that it unfolds over time. Learn patience, and get each new song as it comes along. It's quite fun :)

K. K. Calypso
This song is a fun calypso beat. In Greek Mythology, Calypso was the cutie that fell in love with Odysseus and kept him away from his wife and home for many years. In music, calypso is a laid back, island music that came from the West Indies. It's usually quite funny as far as lyrics go, and is great for beach parties. Remember the Banana Boat Song? The one that goes "Day-O! Day-O! Daylight Come and me wanna go home"? That's a calypso song.

Animal Crossing Wild World Walkthrough

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