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Animal Crossing Wild World Walkthrough
Town Hall

The main worker at the Town Hall is Phyllis the duck. She works both stations at the town hall. She seems happy during the day and really grumpy at night. That's quite unfair because I mostly can only play at night, so have to deal with her being grumpy all the time. She says things like "ugh, quit bothering me." It's wearying to play a game where you're constantly being harassed.

Civic Center / Left Side
Environment - gives tips on a happy world, like planting trees.
Town Tune - you can reprogram the main song that plays in your little world
Donations - Boondox is north of you and needs your help. You can donate cash.
Moving - don't do this unless you're sure!
Nothing - end the conversation.

Post Office / Right Side
Mail a letter - send a letter to a friend
Pay mortgage - put money in towards your home payment
Access account - you can save or withdraw money from a savings account here
Save a letter - put letters into a large file area, so you have carrying room for new letters
never mind - end the conversation

Animal Crossing Wild World Walkthrough

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