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Assassins Creed Walkthrough
Achievements, Flags & Templars

5. Flags and Templars

a. These are really annoying because there are so many of them all over the place. One thing is true, if you don’t like going over and over through the list, you should keep track of them as you find them. Print out the list and mark them along the way.

b. You can try to avoid getting any until you’re ready, but it doesn’t always work out. Since the game auto-saves when you find one, it’s hard to undo unless you’re making periodic archive saves to a memory card.

c. I had a Templar see me and give chase. Normally, you can run away and he’ll go home, but this one fell off a building and I got credit for the kill. Fortunately, almost all Templars leave a little treasure chest looking thing at their home location so you can verify where one used to be even after the kill. Flags leave no trace, so you need to be more careful about them.

d. Use the various flag lists in conjunction with the Templar list when you are working a section. They do go back and forth a little.

6. Achievements

a. There are 44 achievements worth 1000 total points

i. Story achievements:

1. Welcome to the Animus (20G) – Complete the tutorial

2. Hero of Masyaf (20G) – Complete Memory Block 1

3. The Punishment for Treason (20G) – Complete Memory Block 2

4. The Blood of a Corrupt Merchant (25G) – Kill target in Damascus during Memory Block 3

5. The Blood of a Doctor (25G) – Kill target in Acre during Memory Block 3

6. The Blood of a Slave Trader (25G) – Kill target in Jerusalem during Memory Block 3

7. The Blood of a Liege-Lord (25G) – Kill target in Acre during Memory Block 4

8. The Blood of a Merchant King (25G) – Kill target in Damascus during Memory Block 4

9. The Blood of a Regent (25G) – Kill target in Jerusalem during Memory Block 5

10. The Blood of a Scribe (25G) – Kill target in Damascus during Memory Block 5

11. The Blood of a Teutonic Leader (25G) – Kill target in Acre during Memory Block 6

12. The Blood of a Nemesis (25G) – Kill target in Arsuf during Memory Block 7

13. The Eagle and the Apple – 1191 (100G) – Complete Memory Block 7

14. Visions of the Future (50G) – Let the credits run all the way through. If you don’t want to do this again and still have flags to gather, go back into another memory after the credits are completed.

ii. Flags / Templars

1. Personal Vendetta (40G) – Kill all 60 Templars

2. Keeper of the Creed (10G) – Collect all 20 Masyaf flags

3. Keeper of the 8 Virtues (10G) – Collect all 30 Hospitalier flags from Acre

4. Keeper of the Order (10G) – Collect all 33 Templar flags from Acre

5. Keeper of the Black Cross (10G) – Collect 33 Teutonic flags from Acre

6. Keeper of the Crescent (20G) – Collect all 100 flags from Damascus

7. Keeper of the Four Gospels (20G) – Collect all 100 flags from Jerusalem

8. Keeper of the Lions Passant (25G) – Collect all of 100 of King Richard’s flags from the Kingdom

iii. Eagle accomplishments

1. Eagle’s Will (20G) – Kill 100 in a row without dying

2. Eagle’s Swiftness (20G) – Have 100 witnesses to your kills. Those are the citizens running around and screaming after you knife a guard in the square...

3. Eagle’s Dance (10G) – Do 50 “Leaps of Faith”

4. Eagle’s Talon (15G) – Do 50 stealth assassinations with the hidden blade

5. Eagle’s Prey (20G) – Kill 100 guards

6. Eagle’s Challenge (20G) – Defeat 25 soldiers in a single fight. The good news is they really only fight you about six at a time. The challenge is finding a large enough crowd. There are places in Kingdom where they congregate and are available in wandering groups of ten. Find these and drag a couple ten packs together.

7. Eagle’s Flight (20G) – Extend a battle for over ten minutes. Do a lot of stepping and very little attacking to make this happen.

8. Eagle’s Eye (15G) – Kill 75 guards with thrown knives

9. Eagle’s Dive (20G) – Perform 50 “Combo Kills” in fights. A “Combo Kill” occurs when you start a second attack as your first makes contact. This is one of the earliest fight tutorials in the game.

iv. Other accomplishments

1. Blade in the Crowd (30G) – Kill any main target as an Assassin should! That’s anonymously, from behind with the hidden blade and without detection.

2. Fearless (25G) – Climb every tower

3. March of the Pious (5G) – Blend with the scholars 20 times

4. Gifted Escapist (5G) – Dive through a bunch of merchant stalls. You don’t have to be chased while you do this.

5. Enemy of the Poor (5G) – Grab and throw 25 of those annoying beggar women. You know you want to even if you don’t get any points for it!

6. The Hands of a Thief (15G) – Pickpocket a whole lot of throwing knives. You’ll hit this if you are clearing a lot of rooftops along the way

7. Defender of the People: Damascus (20G) – Save all the Damascus citizens

8. Defender of the People: Jerusalem (20G) – Save all the Jerusalem citizens

9. Defender of the People: Acre (20G) – Save all the Acre citizens

10. Disciple of the Creed (30G) – Gather all six pieces of info, save all citizens, and climb all towers in every city area before completing the assassination.

11. Absolute Symbiosis (45G) – Complete quest and optional activities to max out the symbiosis bar.

12. Conversationalist (20G) – Talk to Lucy at every opportunity. Basically, stand next to her after every Animus session and talk to her until she stops saying anything meaningful.

13. Hungerer of Knowledge (20G) – See 85% of the memory glitches. There are glitches when you have chats with other characters, including during assassinations. Either be ready to hit the button as you watch to activate the glitches, or just tap the “Y” key a couple times a second during these scenes if you’re not really paying that much attention.

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