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Assassins Creed Walkthrough
Basic History

You play two characters through the story. Al Tair, an assassin living in 1191, and Desmond Miles, a descendant of Al Tair who has broken away from his assassin roots to become an average citizen. Desmond is being held captive by a corporation that is the modern descendant of the Templars. Doctor Warren Vidic is trying to get some memories out of your head and uses a machine called an Animus, run by his technician Lucy Stillman, to record your “genetic memories” of Al Tair’s activities.

In 1191, Al Tair works for the assassin’s leader, Al Mualim. He is ordered through the course of the game to recover an important artifact, defend the home town of Masyaf, and kill various important people in Acre, Jerusalem, Damascus and Asyuf. Acre, Jerusalem and Damascus are each broken into three districts that become available to you in stages. While carrying out your main objectives, there are various side objectives for you to perform, including flag gathering, killing Templars, saving citizens from cruel guards and just seeing the sights.

Much of the modern story seems to be in place to set up a sequel. It is interesting information, but doesn’t really relate to what you’re doing in this game and you cannot act on much of it. With the success of this game, it is very likely that we’ll see what they were planning sometime soon.

Assassin's Creed Walkthrough

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