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Assassins Creed Walkthrough
General Tips

a. Read the achievement list before you begin play. There are a couple things there that you need to start doing right from the beginning if you intend to collect all of the achievement points.

b. You can play this game in a ďbrute forceĒ style, or as a stealthy assassin. A stealthy assassin leaves as little trace of his presence as he can rather than a street strewn with guard bodies. Sometimes, as when saving citizens, the latter is unavoidable.

c. You only get one save game per account per device. Since the game auto-saves frequently, you can easily get to a point you wish you hadnít reached. Copying periodic checkpoints of your save to a memory card so you can go back to them may help you if you are trying to remember a flag that you may or may not have found.

d. During a mission, static guards do not respawn after they are killed. Some activities, like sleeping at the Assassinís bureau or killing your ultimate target, may re-initialize the guard positions, so be aware.

e. You canít always trust your status icon. Guards will often begin firing arrows or throwing rocks at you before your status changes to full red. This can be a pain if youíre climbing and they knock you off the wall with an unexpected rock.

f. Strategically, the first thing to do when you enter a city area is to clear the rooftops. Get up there and use your throwing knives, once you have them, to take out rooftop sentries. This makes it much easier to escape guards when you need to. Just climb to the rooftops and find a garden to hide when you are being chased.

g. You may also find it useful to clear guards from around quest activity areas before initiating them. You can just walk up and start slashing, or use a stealthier method. I like to line them up with throwing knives when the opportunity presents itself.

h. When fleeing or crossing the rooftops, you can keep the ďAĒ button pressed to climb walls and make jumps at speed. You donít need to time your jumps; the game takes care of that for you. Note that you may draw guard attention in this mode if you donít already have it.

i. Dead guards draw other guards. A stealth kill near a guarded path may leave the path clear for you to stroll on through.

j. In a city area, there are activities that are required to advance the story and others that are optional. I prefer to do the optional activities first. Climb all the towers and save the civilians before you worry about interrogations and such. These activities will advance your synchronization bar. You effectively get an additional point of health for every fifteen that you complete, making it easier to survive future battles.

k. Additionally, by doing one pass for the optional activities and a second pass for the investigation, there may be fewer guard bodies lying about the streets to disturb your activities. Alert guards can make it difficult to complete an Informerís task.

l. High ground is great for battles. If you can get on a tower or tall roof, you can knock off guards as they step off the ladder. They also take a lot more damage falling than you do.

m. After an assassination, use the rooftops as much as possible to get back to the bureau. Youíll be attacked on sight, so best not to be seen.

Assassin's Creed Walkthrough

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