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Assassins Creed Walkthrough
Quest Activity Types

a. Towers (optional) – Climb to the top of all the view point towers in each area. Climbing one tower will show you the rest of the towers in that city district, and tell you where other nearby hiding spots and quest activities are located. You can still stumble on these items without help from the tower, but they’re worth climbing anyway if for nothing else than the lovely graphics and the achievement points.

b. Saving citizens (optional) – These are people being harassed by some number of guards. Walk up and see if you can assassinate a guard or two, or hit a few with knives from a distance, and then battle it out with the remainder and any others that show up. When selecting whom to assassinate, pick the guy with the most elaborate gear and helmet. Usually he’s the highest level of fighter giving you an easier time with the rest. After they’re cleared, target the citizen for your “reward”. There are two kinds, scholars and general citizens. Scholars will show you a set of wandering scholars with whom you can blend to pass by guards unnoticed. Ordinary citizens will activate a set of “vigilantes” who will block guards chasing you through that location for the rest of the game.

c. Eavesdropping – Safe and easy. Walk quietly into the area and sit on a bench. Then you just select your target and hit “Y” to view the conversation. There’s no contact and very little risk. The one oddity here is that you often have to sit pretty far away from your target, farther than would seem feasible.

d. Informer – These will be people who will give you a short, often timed, quest to complete in order to get their information. It will either be a little flag-gathering mini game or some number of stealth assassinations to perform. In each case, you need to return to the informer before any time limit expires. Flags are pretty easy, though you have to be anonymous when you return to collect your prize. Some assassinations may be a challenge since higher levels will have annoying citizens set to trip you up as well as heavier guard activity. Both types benefit from guard clearing prior to attempting the test, though this should be done while saving citizens as they can be more difficult with bodies in the street increasing guard alert levels..

e. Interrogation – These involve observing a target, usually an orator, until he walks away to some secluded place where you can initiate a fist fight. Guards don’t care so much about fist fights, but thugs will jump in against you if they observe it. Ignore the thugs and focus on your target. Bumping regular citizens during the fight could lead to guards taking note, so try to find a more isolated spot. After the target has taken enough hits, you get your info and any thugs will leave you alone.

f. PickPocket – Get into the area and select your target. Watch a short chat and then follow him and pick his pocket. Generally low risk, though if you bump him or too many others in the area, you may blow it. When you pickpocket, either for information or throwing knives, your left hand reaches forward and you must bring it in contact with the belt pouch of your target. Pickpocketing targets often stop and look over their shoulders. Stay a bit away until they do this as they will walk forward right afterwards and that is the safest time to strike. If you do alert your target, you’ll need to clear out of the area for things to reset. Best not to have a stand-up fight with the guards that may attack you there as guard bodies littering the street will make your next attempt more difficult.

g. Assassination – Once you’ve completed the required activities, you return to the local bureau chief. You get a bit of story and he places a feather on the counter. Walk near it to pick up this feather that signifies your contract. You’ll see what the feathers are used for later. At this point, memory “fast forwards” and the guards reset. You get to use the info you’ve gained in traveling to the marked spot to kill your target. Once the target is eliminated, you need to become anonymous and return to the bureau to finish the segment.

h. In some cases, the result of an investigation activity will provide an attachment that you can examine. Press the Start button and call up the Memory Log. Use the triggers to browse among the activities and press “A” to read the attachments where they exist. Some attachments are very useful, others just contain lore.

Assassin's Creed Walkthrough

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