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Assassins Creed Walkthrough
The Lab and Memory Block 1

a. In the lab #1

i. The game starts with you on a bad head trip. They are giving you some basic control instructions and setting up the story. You don’t have to act until you’re out of it and in the lab, but follow along with the instructions if it helps you. Once in the lab, you can do nothing until you hit a button to lie down. You can look around a bit while listening to the story until you’re put into the tutorial.

b. Tutorial

i. No big deal, just do what you’re told to learn some more controls and status icons. Dumps you right into Memory Block 1 and your first Glitches. Be ready!

c. Memory Block 1 – Solomon’s Temple

i. See some story video and learn about your bad reputation and Glitches. There is an achievement for hitting 85% or more of them, so pay attention if you care about such things.

ii. After the story, follow the instructions to run after the guy who went ahead. You don’t have to time your jumps, just hold the A and right trigger and it will take care of it. Jump a couple holes and pass your associate to climb a ladder and assassinate a guard. Then it’s time for another video and more glitches.

iii. After the video, climb down the ladders and head toward your target. Another video until you get to take a shot at him. Follow the prompts and get tossed out the window while your friends do battle. Learn a little more jumping and climbing. Use the compass and map to head toward the destination arrow. Once you’re up, the memory fast forwards.

d. Memory Block 1 – Masyaf

i. You’re chatting in Masyaf when the scene loads. This is the home town for the assassins with a fortress up on the hill. You need to head up to talk to your boss, Al Mualim. Follow the map to the little blinking assassin symbol, there’s nothing to do along the way. Get stopped and find out more of your bad rep at the fortress entrance. Continue up into the castle to experience a glitchy discussion with Al Mualim. Your associate from the temple shows up and you hear that you are under attack.

ii. After the video, work your way through the village killing guards with the sword until you get to the bottom level. Try to get in “Combo Kills” as you go! Use the compass if you need help finding your way to the blinking arrow. When you get to the bottom level, memory fast forwards.

iii. You’re at the entrance to the fortress. As you run in and reach the compass arrow, you’re directed to climb two ladders of the tower just above the entrance. Get a synchronization message up there and start a glitchy video. Learn about the “Leap of Faith” and try it for the first time. Then you walk across three beams to get to a climbing wall. At the top of the climbing wall, walk toward where you can see everyone and swing your sword. This drops logs onto the enemy and memory fast forwards.

iv. Al Mualim is lecturing you in a glitchy courtyard video and you are slain. Game over…But wait!

e. In the lab #2

i. They’ve pulled you out of the Animus for your safety. You hear them talking and they leave while you get yourself together. Walk into your room, the door forward and to the right. You get an interaction cue in front of the closet, but it doesn’t do anything now. Continue through the door into the bathroom and you’ll get another cue to climb on the counter and listen at the vent. You will have to crank the volume if you want to follow the conversation.

ii. When the chat is over, return to the main room. They come out of the conference room and tell you they are done for the day. The Doctor leaves and you get an opportunity to chat with Lucy. You need to talk to her twice and on the third, she asks if you’re tired or says that she’s busy. Don’t give up when she tells you to go to sleep at the end of the first conversation, there’s a second one that ends with her deciding she shouldn’t say any more. Go to your room, you’ll get locked in this time, and use the bed.

iii. You wake up to the doctor standing over you with some more story. Get up and go to the Animus for the next Memory Block.

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