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Assassins Creed Walkthrough
Memory Block 4

r. Memory Block 4

i. In this block, you’ll have to make kills in each of the three cities in any order. Also, you’ll have to complete at least three investigations to activate the assassination now, but you should do all six.

ii. Al Mualim warns you that guards will now be more suspicious in general, quicker to get after you. You are now Rank 4. You get another synchronization bar piece and two new skills, grab break for combat and grab ledge for maneuvering around.

iii. After your courtyard practice session, head for the Kingdom.

iv. You have a new option now. Once you hit the Kingdom, you can warp to the other cities if you wish. Do this from now on until you have to go a new city that you have not been to, or when you want to wander around looking for Templars and flags.

s. Memory Block 4 - Damascus

i. When you follow the scholars into the city, a new region will be activated, but it isn’t obvious which. You can just wander around and figure it out, or you can go visit the bureau leader for some ideas.

ii. In this case, you’re heading to the Rich District to the west and you’ll have to find a first Tower for yourself. There are two good choices when starting at the bureau. One is to head into the Rich district and follow the south border in a couple buildings to a tower at the top of an arch. Another is that just northwest of the bureau, there’s a large building complex with three towers on it. Once you get one of these, the rest appear on the map.

iii. The southernmost tower in this district is the top of the palace. The palace will be the location for your assassination, so you may benefit from wandering around here a bit to get the lay of the land.

iv. Your six investigations are:

1. Interrogation – Guy in the middle of the square. He goes through a guarded gate when he walks away, so you’ll have to either pre-clear it, or quickly stealth assassinate a guard to pull away the guys on the gate. He goes in and turns left down an alley that should be a pretty good time to start the punching. You find that the king will address the people during the merchant festival and that is the time to strike.

2. Eavesdrop –

3. Pickpocket – Get a letter saying that there will be a merchant festival in the king’s palace and that it seems an abuse to have so many parties. (attachment)

4. Informer – You have three minutes to make two stealth kills. Head northeast until the road Tees and one will be to your left, the other to the right. Be careful with the one on the right as there is a pack of wandering guards that might catch you otherwise. Prize is a map of the king’s guards. (attachment)

5. Eavesdrop – Learn about a scaffold that provides a route to the king’s quarters. This is another way to get to the king during the assassination. (attachment)

6. Informer – You have three minutes to gather 20 flags. Start at the pool in the middle of the courtyard and head out the front entrance and up from there to follow the path of flags. You are likely to gather the guards’ attention if you haven’t cleared them out before starting. If you’re quick, you may have over a minute and a half to become anonymous again and get back to the informer. You get a map that tells you how to climb in the palace courtyard and can check the route out before you return to the bureau.

v. There are 10 Towers and 10 citizens to save in the Rich District.

vi. Return to the bureau when you have completed your investigation and get your feather.

t. Memory Block 4 – Damascus, the assassination

i. My usual plan of clearing the guards first wasn’t getting it done. They moved in pretty challenging packs, so maybe I should have saved this one until last.

ii. Instead of putting it off, I used scholars to get in. Once you’re inside the guards and near the front gate, go on in.

iii. Once inside, your usual abilities are neutered. You can’t climb, you can’t kill, heck, you can’t even knock the pitcher of a woman’s head by bumping into her!

iv. You can wander around the outer perimeter all day and nothing starts until you ascend a couple steps toward the central fountain. That triggers the usual glitchy videos.

v. When he’s done talking, he instructs his guards to kill anyone that tries to leave. At this point, you need to climb a wall and start chasing him. The symbol on the map will move with him as he flees to help you track him.

vi. You can go up the left or right sides on your way to him. The back left was a pretty easy climb when I tried it, but there were quite a few archers taking pot shots at me to knock me off. I had better luck going up the front right, at least in terms of a quicker ascension.

vii. Run toward where he was speaking once you’re on the second floor end then follow his icon out the back way and down to street level. He’s not all that quick, so you should be able to catch him with a leaping hidden blade kill from behind.

viii. At this point, again, there’s his glitchy death sequence and then you’re left surrounded by angry guards. Dispatch them or run for it as you prefer and make your way back to the bureau for the ending discussion.

ix. After the memory fast forward, get back to Al Mualim.

u. Memory Block 4 – First interlude at Masyaf

i. Al Mualim praises your efforts, but you are hesitant to accept that they are all that evil.

ii. You are now Rank 5. You get another synchronization bar piece and two abilities; regain balance/dodge and higher sword damage.

iii. Head out to the Kingdom for your next city.

v. Memory Block 4 - Acre

i. When you follow the scholars into the city, a new region will be activated, but, again, it isn’t obvious which. You can just wander around and figure it out, or you can go visit the bureau leader for some ideas.

ii. In this case, you’re heading to the Rich District to the southwest and you’ll have to find a first Tower for yourself. The clear winner here is visible due south from the roof of the assassin’s bureau.

iii. Your six investigations are:

1. Informer – You have three minutes to gather 20 flags and return. Start west down the path next to the informer and quickly get up a level to run along awnings and posts. Most of this route is jumping from small spot to small spot. It’s more about aiming yourself at the next landing spot than anything else, just keep RT and “A” pressed and go for it. You learn that your target will run away and hide when threatened.

2. Pickpocket – A man has a letter to the “Master” that has some story info but won’t help you plan your kill. (attachment)

3. Interrogation – The guy starts at the front of the cathedral. Follow him around the side and start smacking. Don’t get sidetracked on the guys who carry throwing knives, just keep whacking your target. He tells you the king is visiting today and that will put your target in a bad mood so he’ll be sulking at home.

4. Informer – An assassin has been spotted and you need to eliminate the two guys looking for him. This is untimed and relatively simple. Just watch for all the drunks trying to blow your cover and the occasional roving group of guards. You learn that you will have to escape over the roof once you make your kill. (attachment)

5. Pickpocket – Some guys who want to do your job for you have a map of archer locations. May be a good idea to take these out before going for the kill. (attachment)

6. Pickpocket – Your target is inside a guarded courtyard so assassinate a guard out front to draw them away. You can go over the top if you prefer true stealth. When you’re done, there are guards standing in the courtyard that you can use to draw off the doorkeepers, or you can go back over the top. You learn of a forgotten structure that may help you get in. (attachment)

iv. There are 11 Towers and 9 citizens to save in the Rich District. The tower on the cathedral is challenging. You need to get up to the first level using the windows and then jump on a buttress and circle to the outside where you can climb.

v. Return to have a chat with the bureau chief and get your feather.

w. Memory Block 4 – Acre, the assassination

i. Head over to the square in front of the palace gates where the king berates William in a glitchy video. When it’s done, William heads inside and the king rides away.

ii. I thought about climbing the walls and taking out the archers first, but the video triggers when you get too close to the wall.

iii. Go right through the front gate and follow the path toward your target. There are a couple options here, stealth with some prep or frontal assault.

iv. My version of stealth with prep involves going up a set of stairs and killing a guard at the base of a ladder directly southeast of your target. Once up on the roof, go around the top wall clearing out all the guards. There are only a couple spots where you might briefly raise an alarm. Then work your way around the rooftops. End up on a slanted roof overlooking your target from the western corner. William will be standing behind a table right under you once he has concluded his speech and sent the guards away. Drop down behind him and assassinate with the hidden blade.

v. The more frontal method is to use the scholars to get past the first line of guards and waltz right in. There’s a ladder you can use to get to the roof once you’re through.

vi. You really only need to eliminate the guard walking on the slanted roof right over your target. You may have to run a little harder on the way out if you leave the rest alive, but it shouldn’t be fatal.

vii. There’s a scaffold just east of you along the wall after the kill. Use it to get back up to the roof quickly and make your way out. If you cleared the top wall, you can use it to run around to the eastern corner. Look a little north from there and you’ll see some hanging platforms and a scaffold you can use to jump down outside the wall. You pretty much have to go out that way whether you cleared it or not since the gate will be sealed.

viii. The death video is interesting. This guy didn’t seem like he was so bad.

ix. Once you hit the streets, get lost. There is a set of vigilantes nearby, so check your map and run down that street.

x. Get back to the bureau for your closing discussion and express your concern about killing some people that aren’t all bad, then fast forward and head to Al Mualim.

x. Memory Block 4 – Second interlude at Masyaf

i. Al Mualim praises your efforts, but he wonders about your demeanor and asks. You get demanding and there are harsh words, but you start to get answers.

ii. You are now Rank 6. You get another synchronization bar piece and five more throwing knives so you can now carry a max of ten. You should also be almost at 18 synch bar pieces by this point, getting near maxed.

iii. Head out to the Kingdom for your last city.

y. Memory Block 4 - Jerusalem

i. When you follow the scholars into the city, a new region will be activated, but it isn’t obvious which. You can just wander around and figure it out, or you can go visit the bureau leader for some ideas.

ii. In this case, you’re heading to the Poor District to the south and you’ll have to find a first Tower for yourself. The closest tower is right on the border at the top of an arch over the road leading south to the poor district. It’s a hair west of due south from the bureau. Once you get one of these, the rest appear on the map.

iii. Your six investigations are:

1. Interrogation – The orator starts walking generally northward when he leaves the platform. I hit him when he passed through an archway and started down some dark steps. Learn that your assassination target likes executing people, innocent or guilty.

2. Informer – You need to make two relatively easy stealth kills with no time limit. You are told that you can use scholars to get in where you must access your target. (attachment)

3. Pickpocket – Learn that the execution will be near the temple. People suspect that the leader got his job by creating accidents for those above him. You have to pick his pocket quickly or wait for him as he walks through a guarded alley. There’s a guard nearby that can die to let you into the alley, but you have to go over the roof to exit. Get a map with the location of the executions. (attachment)

4. Pickpocket – Your target is fearful for his safety. Get a map of the guard locations. (attachment)

5. Informer – The informer has a bounty on his head and you must get rid of the guys who would kill him. Three kills with no time limit. One of your targets is on a rooftop so use a ladder to avoid alerts while climbing walls. There are many annoying drunks to shove you in the area. You learn that your target will turn his back on you during the executions and that is when you should strike.

6. Eavesdrop – Listen to a father whose child is on the execution list. Learn that there will be an execution today.

iv. There are 6 Towers and 8 citizens to save in the Poor District.

v. Go back to the bureau chief and get a lecture on hubris. Also learn that one of the people to be executed in this session is a fellow assassin. You must attack your target before the assassin is executed. Get your feather.

z. Memory Block 4 – Jerusalem, the assassination

i. Clear the rooftops around the square as well as the path back to the bureau.

ii. You can use scholars to get into the guarded execution area or drop down from the roof.

iii. Once in, you’ll note there is a batch of scholars at one end of the crowd next to a pushy drunk, that there are four people on stage to be executed, and that your brother assassin is the one on the far left. Hopefully, he kills from right to left…

iv. He does. You can wait until the first three are gone before you attack. That way the crowd will see the four executions they came for. I took a few passes on this and you can save all four if you are inclined.

v. At some point, you need to work your way over near the scholars and blend with them. They will then go for a walk past the guards up close once you join them. The best time is when he is finishing up his description of why he’s going to kill someone. That person will start to talk back and he will turn his back on the crowd. If you time it wrong and go after him while he’s looking at you, you’re in for a battle.

vi. As the scholar pack brings you right behind him, exit the blend, leap up on the stage (use “A” and the right trigger for a quick ascension), and backstab him for the glitchy death video. This guy was one sick puppy.

vii. He also has fifteen or twenty guards. Time to get out of Dodge. There’s a ladder at the south end of the stage. Go up and follow the rooftops back to the bureau.

aa. In the lab #5

i. After the third kill, you’re dumped to the lab. You hear a bit more story and you’ll be chatting with Lucy, though you don’t need to push any buttons to activate it.

ii. She’ll get a phone call from the doctor and have to leave. She’ll stand by the door until you go in your room.

iii. Go to your room and she’ll leave, then you can go back out and access Lucy’s and the doctor’s computers.

iv. Lucy’s got a new outgoing message about her dead coworker.

v. Doc Vidic has Lucy’s message forwarded to him by a higher up and an ominous tone. He also has some news articles, and another message of ominous tone in his deleted folder. These are really about the story and don’t relate much to actual game play, at least so far.

vi. Go back to bed.

vii. Oddly, Doc Vidic isn’t haranguing you as you arise. Hop on the table and go.

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