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Assassins Creed Walkthrough
Memory Block 5

bb. Memory Block 5

i. In this block, you must make two kills, one each in Acre and Damascus.

ii. You start in Masyaf asking Al Mualim more questions. He seems to be playing with a bocce ball, but he explains that it is the prize. You get a lot of story here.

iii. You are now Rank 7. You get another Synch bar piece and the ability “defense break.” You should now be but a few optional activities from a maxed out synch bar.

iv. You aren’t forced into a practice session to see how defense break works, but try it if you wish, then head to one of the designated cities. I chose Acre first since Al Mualim gave the assignment in that order.

cc. Memory Block 5 - Acre

i. Once in Acre, the third section of the city will be available to you. This is the Middle District. As usual, you can stop by the bureau for some advice or just head over there and look for a good tower to claim.

ii. The guards in this section are a bit tougher and you’ll need to know your moves. Many also walk around with their swords out on higher alert.

iii. The bureau chief expresses his admiration for the work you’ve done and tells you a bit about your target.

iv. From the bureau, there’s a square tower just south of due east of you. Jump across to the west wall from the next building and make your way up to get the rest of them up on your map.

v. You’ll have to cross the docks and some boats and/or posts to get to a tower on an island in the middle of the harbor. If you take the northernmost of the three wooden piers out as close as you can, you need only jump across on rowboat to a broken end of the wall. Be careful, though, because pushy drunks suck on narrow docks. Because of the drunks, I actually found it easier to use the middle pier and a couple boats to get out to the rowboat. From the broken end of the wall, I had to jump out to a piling before I could turn and get on the island, but maybe I just couldn’t get the aim right otherwise. You’ll need to be out here as part of the assassination as well as to get to the tower.

vi. Your six investigations are:

1. Eavesdrop – Guards are speculating about the plans of their leader and a senior guard starts berating them. You learn that Sibrand is paranoid, but that doesn’t mean you’re not out to get him!

2. Pickpocket – Steal a letter that says Sibrand will be on his boat. (attachment)

3. Interrogate –There’s an orator talking about ship confiscation. Follow him as he walks away. Since guards don’t care about the fist fight, you can jump him when he gets around the west side of the building he starts walking around. You only need to avoid the thugs. You find out that the confiscation is about setting up a blockade against the crusaders. Don’t stand over him too long after you knife him, though, or guards will take notice.

4. Informer – You have four minutes to kill five knights. My best path is to get the first straight south in the square and then continue southwest for a second in the alley. When you get to the stairs, go down and look for the third, but watch for patrols. Head northeast for the fourth and then go find the last one in a circular area with a lot of people and a pushy drunk. You get a map of the guards in the area of the docks where you will have to kill your target. (attachment)

5. Informer – You have three minutes to assassinate three knights. One target is in a guarded courtyard and you’ll have to hop the wall for him. Watch out for the pushy drunks and very crowded streets. A couple bumps and a guard will be on you. He warns you of the drunken sailors all over the docks and provides you a map with a path to avoid them. (attachment)

6. Pickpocket – A citizen is angry at a guard because of what Sibrand has ordered. Steal the letter that describes the orders, but watch for the pushy drunk. You learn there are no knights on the northern docks. (attachment)

vii. There are 9 Towers and 7 citizens to save in the Middle District.

viii. Head back to the bureau when you’re ready and discuss the information with the chief and get your feather.

dd. Memory Block 5 – Acre, the assassination

i. Start with a glitchy video at the marked spot where Sibrand is accusing a scholar/cleric of being an assassin. He definitely is paranoid. By the time you can do anything, he’s gone to his ship.

ii. Head back to the island in the middle of the harbor and kill the guards there. You can use the northern dock as it is free of guards and you only need to avoid a couple drunks.

iii. Jump across to the west and kill the guard on the platform, then go ship to ship to the south and the biggest ship. Stay on the upper level of the ship with the drunk so he won’t get you.

iv. If the guards on the ship see you, you will have to go for it. You don’t want to fight on the rowboat, too easy to end up in the water.

v. Try to jump low onto the ship and move toward the stern (right).

vi. You’ll hear your target ranting and you have a short window to catch him up there. When he finishes, he goes for a walk around the ship. He’ll come back if you’re patient. If you’re not, you may have to chase him.

vii. Guards will be unhappy about his death for some reason. I think the easiest way out is to fight, or at least run, through them and stay out of the ocean, but you may want to try going out the way you came in.

viii. The rooftops connect very well back to the bureau so you should never need to touch the ground again once you get off the docks.

ix. Have an interesting chat with the bureau chief and head back to Al Mualim.

ee. Memory Block 5 – Intrelude at Masyaf

i. You have another illuminating chat with Al Mualim.

ii. You are now Rank 8. You would get another synchronization bar piece if you weren’t already capped, and you get, I think, increased short sword damage.

iii. Head off to the other city

ff. Memory Block 5 – Damascus

i. Once in Damascus, the third section of the city will be available to you. This is the Middle District. As usual, you can stop by the bureau for some advice or just head over there and look for a good tower to claim.

ii. After getting some advice from the chief, the easiest first tower from the bureau is next to a round dome due south.

iii. Your six investigations are:

1. Pickpocket – Listen to a couple guys argue about resistance vs. compliance. You learn where you can find Jabair when you’re ready to do him in. (attachment)

2. Eavesdrop – You need to get into a guarded courtyard to hear these guys. You can drop in on them or remove the guards. You find out that your target has daily meetings and plan to attend one. (attachment)

3. Interrogate – There’s an orator who wants all books turned in for destruction. Follow him to a wading pool in front of an informer and pound him for info. (attachment)

4. Informer – You get five minutes to kill five men. One is on a nearby roof and the rest are wandering. Avoid the pushy guys and you should be fine. You get a map of book burning locations. One will be your target. (attachment)

5. Informer – You have three minutes to kill three targets. One is on the roof, the other two are wandering. Use ladders to get the rooftop one and watch for the pushy drunks in the crowds. You learn that your target wears some gold and carries a big pouch. (attachment)

6. Pickpocket – This is one of the tougher ones. The guy is in a courtyard area with an orator drawing a crowd and lots of pushy guys. I had the best results by standing in the orator’s crowd and grabbing the letter as he walked by me. You learn that Jubair will be in a garden.

iv. There are 7 Towers and 8 citizens to save in the Middle District.

v. Go back and discuss your info with the chief and get your feather.

gg. Memory Block 5 – Damascus, the assassination

i. Look at the maps you have received and they should show you that Jubair will be at the far eastern spot.

ii. Start by going via the roof to the spot marked on your map for the burning. Work your way down some stairs to a spot overlooking the courtyard and watch the glitchy video. You can see the belt pouch and that Jabair has more gold around the buttons on the front of his top.

iii. When the video ends, there will be six new targets displayed on the map. If we trust our information, though, five have been ruled out.

iv. Take the rooftops to the designated eastern spot and clear the archers. I believe there’s a bug here in that Jubair has his pouch, but has lost the gold on the front of his jacket.

v. Drop down from above and make the kill, then use the ladders to make a rooftop escape.

vi. The glitchy ending video has his golden jacket front restored.

vii. Have your ending discussion with the bureau chief and you’re bounced back to the lab.

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