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Assassins Creed Walkthrough
Memory Block 6

hh. In the lab #6

i. Get off the machine and talk to Lucy. Note that she puts her access pen down there. She gets a call and heads to Vidic’s computer.

ii. Follow her and talk to her twice more, then go to your room.

iii. Come back out and she’s gone and so is the pen. Maybe it was there as an option if you didn’t pick the doc’s pocket?

iv. There’s a coded message in Lucy’s deleted folder, read just the uppercase letters. Also, read the rest for more info.

v. Vidic has some new email including a computer password for the machine in the room you can’t get to.

vi. Time for another good night’s sleep.

vii. Wake up to another visit from doctor annoying and get into the Animus after the conversation.

ii. Memory Block 6

i. Another good conversation with Al Mualim. You get your throwing knives upgraded to carry 15 and increased sword damage.

ii. Your assignment is to meet the man you faced in the opening sequence again in Jerusalem.

iii. Oddly, if you look at the memory log, there’s a second assassination in this Memory Block.

jj. Memory Block 6 – Jerusalem

i. Once in Jerusalem, the third section of the city will be available to you. This is the Middle District to the west. As usual, you can stop by the bureau for some advice or just head over there and look for a good tower to claim.

ii. After getting some advice from the chief, the easiest first tower from the bureau is just south of due west right at the border.

iii. Your six investigations are:

1. Eavesdrop – They talk of crusaders in Jerusalem and let you know where they are camping. The only thing of value here though is the news that Robert will be attending a funeral.

2. Pickpocket – Your target is in a guarded courtyard. You can get the guards to move, kill them or go over the rooftop. You overhear a discussion of security preparations for the funeral and steal a map of guard locations. (attachment)

3. Interrogate –. The first alley, though short, is the best spot to catch this orator for a beating. There’s a longer, darker-looking alley further along, but it has thugs around. If you miss him leaving by the alley, you can get him as he’s returning to his oration spot. You learn that Robert will be attending a Muslim funeral procession as a sign of peaceful intent.

4. Informer – You will have five minutes to make five kills. Start to the west and one will come toward the first intersection. Turn south there for another, then west and back northeast for a third, but watch for the pushers. A fourth will be just ahead further east, again there are pushers in the area. Turn southeast for the final one and all you need to do is make your way back through the crowds and pushers. You get a map of the funeral area with some guard locations and are advised not to take on the entire force at once. (attachment)

5. Informer – You have three minutes to eliminate only two targets. One is on the roof right across from the informer and there are plenty of ladders in the area. He’s one you can hit with a throwing knife from a neighboring rooftop if you prefer, just don’t let him fall off onto the crowd. The other can be found by walking south and dodging a few pushy guys. You get a map showing where you can find scholars to get into the funeral area. (attachment)

6. Pickpocket –You learn that the Christians will have safe positions during a procession and get a map that shows where Robert will be standing. (attachment)

iv. There are 7 Towers and 6 citizens to save in the Middle District.

v. Go back and discuss your info with the chief and get your feather. There’s a neat little conversation here.

kk. Memory Block 6 – Jerusalem, the assassination

i. Clear some rooftops around the target area as a usual precaution. Use the scholars or otherwise find a way in to the funeral area and the glitchy video will start. Clearing the gateway out of the city north of the funeral will be advantageous.

ii. During the video, Robert will notice you and the guards will be set on you. No chance of a stealth kill here.

iii. There are archers on both sides that will hurt you if you go toe-to-toe. Slide off to the north and get up on the roof there to attack the archer. Even if you don’t get a quick kill, he’ll drop the bow and be just another sword in the crowd. Moving off to the north can also take the southern archer out of play and the fight is more fair, or at least more favorable. Robert will chase you, so you don’t have to stay.

iv. There’s a scaffold just north of the gate that you can defend pretty well to clear the guards as they come up. Staying north of the battle may also make that pesky archer hit some of his allies while trying to get you.

v. Robert does a lot of shouting, but he sounds like a teenager. “Killing” him will start the “death” video and you need not kill the rest. Of course, you find that Robert isn’t actually Robert, but a female impostor. She tells you that Robert is in, Arsuf, a new town to which you have not yet been and you don’t actually slay her. She’ll probably show up in the sequel…

vi. Clear your status and get back to the bureau to check in. Another interesting conversation and you’re off to find Robert.

ll. Memory Block 6 – Arsuf

i. Since you haven’t been to Arsuf, you can’t warp there. You can warp to Acre and have a shorter ride if you prefer it, though.

ii. As you reach Arsuf, there will be a number of small guard skirmishes that you must complete before moving on. Take your time and “heal” your synch bar between them.

iii. After a second blockade, you face about fifteen crusaders and then you’re ready for the main event.

iv. Advance on another crowd and have a glitchy conversation where you accuse Robert to the king. When he asks you who the traitor is, walk up to Robert, just left of the king.

v. The king decides that you two will have to fight it out, but Robert gets to use his minions first. You have to beat a dozen or so of them before you face him.

vi. When you get down to one minion left, you may want to run in circles to restore your synch bar before going for the kill. This will give you the best shot at taking on Robert.

vii. The last kill before Robert can be accomplished with a quick left trigger and fire a throwing knife. If you are as far from Robert as you can be when you throw, you’ll have time to ready for him.

viii. In his glitchy death video, you will learn that Al Mualim was a partner to the nine you have assassinated and you must go after him. You should also see the Hungerer or Knowledge achievement here if you’ve been good about catching the glitches.

ix. You pop back to the lab.

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