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Assassins Creed Walkthrough
Memory Block 7

mm. In the lab #7

i. Assassins are attacking the building and Vidic isn’t happy.

ii. Chat with Lucy and she shows you her part missing finger. Looks just like Al Tair’s, though I was looking at her hands earlier in the conversation and they looked normal. This should finish the achievement for Conversationalist.

iii. Go into your room and come back out.

iv. Lucy’s outbox has the combination for the conference room door, it’s also in Vidic’s deleted folder.

v. Vidic also has a message suggesting that there may be more like you out there along with some other story things.

vi. You can now go check out the laptop on the table in the back right corner in the conference room. It has a message with a bunch of plot info that may help set up a sequel.

vii. Return to your room and sleep.

viii. Wake up to another Vidic chat and get back to the machine.

ix. Lucy’s finger is restored. Was it an illusion? Is it a bug? Had she a chopped finger all along hidden with a prosthetic?

nn. Memory Block 7 – Masyaf

i. You start at the front gate speaking to a peasant who seems hypnotized. The town is mostly deserted with everyone gone to the fortress, so join them.

ii. When you are through the town, guards will set on you. Climb the tower next to you for the easiest defense and hit them as they reach the top of the ladder.

iii. Once dispatched, another set will come for you. Stay alive a bit and your friends will help. The help may trigger when you descend from the tower and climb back up.

iv. Go up the hill and form a plan with them, then head in to confront Al Mualim.

v. As you enter the fortress, the gate closes behind you and your supply of throwing knives is replenished. Gently push through the crowd and seek Al Mualim in the back garden. When you step out, the gate seals behind you.

vi. Things get whacky and you get to fight the nine you’ve assassinated in the garden. They fight well, but don’t take too many hits to kill.

vii. Another video and you’re facing nine Al Mualims. Use your vision and you will see one yellow, the true target. “Kill” him and the rest go away.

viii. One strategy here is to run away and use throwing knives when you have separation.

ix. Another video and you get more story and the real “boss battle”

x. You start a face-to-face battle that ends when you get in a hit. Al Mualim teleports to someplace else in the garden and you are suddenly near death. Look for the glowing amber orb to help locate him.

xi. Head toward him while tapping the left trigger and hit him with a throwing knife from a distance once you lock on. If you don’t have any, rush in swinging. Hitting him first reactivates your synchronization bar. If he hits you first, you’re just dead.

xii. If you’re low on synchronization, disengage and make him chase you. You don’t recover between battles.

xiii. After three disappearances, it gets real. On the fourth, he disappears but your synch bar stays and he comes back after you. No more teleporting, now you just fight it out.

xiv. His death activates the ending videos and a chat with your friends again. That pushes you back to the lab.

oo. In the lab #8

i. There’s a conversation going on between Vidic and his masters in the conference room window. Hitting a button changes your viewpoint so you can see them.

ii. They discuss what they’ve found and what to do with you. Lucy makes the argument to keep you alive a while longer.

iii. You see an odd vision on the ground, looks like a glowing pentagram.

iv. You can now use your “Eagle Vision” in the modern world. Use it to look around the main lab and your bedroom. In addition to a number of symbols, there are two shapes made of letters. They can be read from bottom to top, right to left and make sense. It appears they were written in blood and washed away, but something remains that your special sight can see.

v. The triangle message reads “They drained my soul and made it theirs. I drained my body to show you where I saw it.”

vi. The square says “artefacts sent to the skies to control all nations to make us obey a hidden crusade. Do not help them.” I’m not sure if they spelled artifacts incorrectly on purpose.

vii. There are two lines of text that say “yona guni” read forward like English. This doesn’t seem to need to be reversed as Yonaguni is the westernmost island of Japan. It would appear that this is what the blood writer meant by “show you where I saw it.” There are some pics that look like a mountain and some oriental buildings. Hard to say if these symbols will give you a real hint for the sequel or are just setting up some storyline in preparation for it.

viii. There are some other odd pics around the room including a barcode with the number 12212012, some animal pictures (spider, monkey, ?), a triangle with a single eye and lines on the sides and a triangle/pyramid with ten eyes and a crown on top.

ix. You can check the three computers again. Vidic has a message from Lucy about your predecessor saying that he lost his mind. Looks like he’s the one who left you the blood messages. Oddly, there isn’t a copy on Lucy’s and she has nothing new. Nothing new in the conference room either.

x. Go into your room and use vision on the wall behind your bed. The wall is a mess of characters and symbols. This triggers the credits.

xi. Sit through the long credits, go jog a few miles, or do something else for a bit. There’s 50 achievement points for letting them run.

xii. The game is over, but if you want to go back looking for flags or anything else, don’t turn it off now. Go back into the animus and reload some memory to get a save point further along. Otherwise, you may be forced to sit through the credits again. Doesn’t seem to be any way to stop them…

xiii. When it returns from the credits you can study that back wall. Very scary with oriental and Hebrew characters as well as English, plus a number of pictures and omegas. Nothing leaps out as informative, just odd.

pp. Continuing the game

i. If you have more to do, hop on the Animus and select a memory to replay. You’ll have to use the right stick to maneuver and see all the prompts to restart the Memory Block.

ii. When you return to a Memory Block, you will have the skills and weapons that you had at that point the first time through. You may lose some synch bar from max as you keep all your earned levels from optional activities, but lose any you would have gained from future promotions at Al Mualim meetings. The city section you need to explore will be fully explored and all the citizens saved, but the investigation activities for the memory block you have chosen will be available for you to repeat.

iii. For working on flags and Templars, best to use Memory Block 6 so you have access to everything and full skills.

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