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Assassins Creed Walkthrough
Acre Flags - Tutonic Flags

There are 33 of these flags, found in the Middle District.

1. Enter the Middle District due east from the bureau and go a few steps south to a pack of vigilantes. Climb the roof on the NW side of them to find a flag on a platform almost directly over their heads.

2. Follow the rooftops south from #1 while looking down over the road to your east. After you cross a beam while walking south there will be a flag below you on a beam crossing over the road to the east.

3. Climb back up to the roof on the west side of the street and look S/SW to see a flag by a pointy roof in the SW corner of the district.

4. Follow the rooftops east from #3 past one roof garden and drop down a level to a small dome. The flag is on the east side of the dome.

5. Climb the next roof NE up a level and look NE to see a flag on a distant roof. You can also see a Templar on ground level by the sea wall a bit further east.

6. Go back to the roof garden SW of #5. From this roof garden, look down to a platform over the road to the NW. The flag is in the center of the platform.

7. Climb up to the west from the platform and follow the rooftops west to a ladder. Take the ladder to the ground for a flag in a nook. You’ll be almost due north from where you found flag #4.

8. Walk north from #7 passing on the west side of a view point tower. From the NW corner of the tower, look NE to see a flag at ground level down an alley.

9. Climb the ladder a few paces south of flag #8 and look to the NE for a nearby flag.

10. From #9, go east over the rooftops until you come to the wall of the docks. There’s a flag on the roof near the dock wall.

11. Return to the spot where you found #9 and look north to see a flag a few arches away at the same level.

12. Go east from #11 to a roof garden. Look below you to the SE to see a flag on an awning across the courtyard.

13. From #12, climb the wall to the east and cross the roof past a roof garden. Look below you to the east to see a flag on a raised walkway against the far wall.

14. Look NE from #13 to see a flag on an arch over the roadway at rooftop level.

15. Go NW from #14 past a roof garden and across some planks over a roadway. Go NE from here across a sloping wooden roof to drop onto the flag.

16. Go west from #15 and drop down to ground level. Go NW up one flight of stairs and climb a ladder to the SW a few paces from the top of the stairs. Climb the tall wall NW of you from the barrel tops to get to the flag.

17. Go to the south corner of the rooftop where you found #16 and you can see vigilantes on the street due south of you. Look below you to the SW and you can see a flag just SW of the bluish roof garden and a level down.

18. Climb up to the small roof mound NW of #17 and look west to see a flag at the base of a stained glass window on a church.

19. Look NW from #18 through a ruined chunk of wall to see a flag at this same level right above a wooden shelter.

20. Go SW from #19 to the scholars at the front end of the church. There’s a fountain south of them with a flag on the central pillar.

21. Go west to the wall from #20 and then turn north up a flight of stairs. Look above you to the north to see a flag on an arch over the road at rooftop level. The arch is just north of a gate to the poor district.

22. Go to the city gate in the NW corner of the district. There’s a flag in the SW corner of the square in front of the gate.

23. Climb the building due east from the small pillar in the center of the square by the city gate. Go east across this roof and drop down a level to a flag.

24. Continue east from #23 until you run out of roof. Look below you to the NE for a flag on a wooden platform against the city wall.

25. Climb the ladder to the roof of the building due south of #24 and cross some planks over the road to the next rooftop further south. Drop down a level on the south side of this roof to a flag in a small fenced porch.

26. Travel SE from #25 to some vigilantes at the entrance to a courtyard. From the vigilantes, travel east to a city gate. The flag is north of the gate along the city wall at ground level.

27. From the vigilantes, jump over the wall north into the courtyard and go to a flag at ground level in the NW corner.

28. The tower NE of the vigilantes in the courtyard is a view point. The flag is on top of the other, shorter tower which is due east of the vigilantes. You need to go to a wood scaffold by a hay cart NW of #28 to start your climb.

29. Return to the vigilantes. Look SW to a pillar with a flag on top a few paces away.

30. From #29 at the top of the pillar, look SW to see a flag on a roof across the square and just to the right of a roof garden.

31. From the city gate near flag #26, climb the roof on the south side of the gate and move south to a roof garden. Looking SW, you can see a flag on the roof of a church near the dome.

32. Go SE from #31 to the wall near the round tower and drop down over the wall. Land on the rounded walkway that encircles the tower and follow it counter-clockwise to a flag.

33. Go all the way to the SE corner of the map. Climb the tower SW of the ship where the assassination for this district took place. The flag is at the top of the tower.

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