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Assassins Creed Walkthrough
Jerusalem Cross Flags - Middle District

1. Starting from the city gate at the NE tip of the Middle District, climb to the rooftops on the southwest side of the gate. There’s a roof garden right next to the gate, look SW to see a flag on the roof due north of a view point tower against the city wall.

2. Leap across south to the view point tower. It is on the wall of a guarded courtyard. The flag is inside the courtyard on a lower level roof in the SE corner.

3. Go back to flag #1 and follow the city wall west past a hay bale. Hang from the wooden platform on the west side of this roof and drop down. You should land on a wooden platform at a lower level of the west side of the hay bale building next to a flag.

4. Go straight south along road on the western side of the guarded courtyard. Climb the building due south of the SW corner of the courtyard building to the highest rooftop with a small chimney billowing smoke. Drop down a level on the south side of this roof onto a flag.

5. From #4, jump west across a road to a roof garden at the same level. From the south side of the roof garden, drop down to an awning with a flag on it. You should be immediately above a set of vigilantes.

6. Go back to #4, go a few steps east to a roof garden. From the east side of this garden you can see a flag above you just south of due east. Remember this spot, you’ll come back here in a bit.

7. From #6, cross the road to a roof garden NE of you. Looking down from the north side of this roof garden, you can see a flag on the ground in a corner.

8. Stay on the ground from #7 and walk counterclockwise around this building. As you start to head north, there will be a courtyard on your left with a couple benches and a ladder. Climb half way up the ladder and there’s a flag on a wooden platform. This is the south side of the courtyard area.

9. From #8, drop back down and go to the north end of the courtyard. Climb the ladder on the east side of the street to a flag on the roof.

10. From #9, go south along the roof and up one level to a roof garden. From the roof garden, go east over the road and back up to a tile roof with a chimney. Drop down one level to a flag on the east side of this roof. You’re right on the district border at this point.

11. Return to #6. Look due south and you’ll see a flag on a wooden platform sticking out over the road at near roof level.

12. From #11, go east over the roof tops to a hay bale where the roof ends. To the SW of the hay bale is a fenced porch with a flag on it.

13. From #12, go to the hay bale and then jump across the road to the south. From the south edge of this roof you can see a large wooden platform below you to the SE with a flag.

14. Return to flag #11, go due west past a roof garden to see a flag on an arch over the next road.

15. From #14, cross the road SW to a view point tower. Drop down one roof level to a hay bale on the west side of the tower. From the hay bale, drop down on the SW side of the building to a flag on a vine-covered awning.

16. Get back on the roof from #14 and go SE to your first roof garden. There’s a ladder on the east side of this roof. You can see the next two flags if you look SE from a few steps to the north of the ladder. The closer of the two is more south, below you on a platform a couple steps up from ground level.

17. The farther one is on a post in the middle of a small fountain in the direction of a domed view point tower building. It is on the NW side of the view point dome.

18. From #17, climb to the roof of the view point tower building for a flag.

19. From #18, look SW to a flag on the roof across the road.

20. From #19, drop down to the south from the SW corner of the roof to land on a flag on a wooden platform.

21. Follow the road north from Templar #2 and around the corner to the east for a flag on top of a cart.

22. Go all the way south in the district to the border with the Poor district. There is a flag on a post on a roof right on the border that you might have grabbed while doing the Poor District section. It is in the SE corner of the district.

23. From #22, go NW to a sealed city gate just north of the area where you fight the false “Robert” at the funeral. Go NE down the slope from the gate and turn right toward a hay cart. The flag is on the ground just NE of the cart.

24. Follow the western wall of the city heading north from #23 to a ground level fenced garden against the wall with a flag in it.

25. From the fenced garden of #24, go due east across the road and up a ladder to the roof. Get on the higher roof with two large domes and a view point location in a ruined building top. Drop down a level to the south side of the view point spot to a flag.

26. From the view point spot of #25, look NW a short way and you’ll see two sets of pigeons. There’s a flag on the roof just around the corner north of the pigeons.

27. In front of the fenced garden of #24 is a small fountain with a pillar. Go north up the road from here to the first alley on your right. There’s a flag on a table at ground level in this alley at the corner where it turns north.

28. Go north out of the alley from #27 and turn west at the road. You’ll see a flag in a fountain basin against the city wall at ground level just south of a city gate.

29. Go east from the city gate along the north side of the road to the first building. Climb the ladder on the western wall to the roof and there will be a flag in a small fenced porch SE of the top of the ladder.

30. From Templar #3, drop down to ground level to the east near a set of scholars. There’s a flag in the corner SW from the scholars.

31. From Templar #3, go straight north along the rooftops to the corner of the city. Drop down to a wooden platform a level below to the SW from this corner.

32. Get back on the roof and head west to a flag you can see on a rooftop along the city wall.

33. From #32, go south to the corner and then drop down the ladder to the east. Follow the city wall at ground level until it turns south. Just south of the corner and down a few stairs is the last flag.

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